Amanda T.

Amanda Turner is a runner, writer, mom, and military spouse living in San Angelo, Texas. A former track coach, Amanda loves encouraging and working with new runners who are just beginning to love the endorphin rush that hits a few strides after the finish line. When she's not running or writing, Amanda, her husband, and their three-year-old love traveling and spending time outdoors.

GPS Watch Accuracy

Understanding the accuracy of a GPS watch

Have you heard about issues with GPS watch accuracy? Let’s take a look and what you should consider if you’re in the market for a new GPS tracking unit. Why Runners Use GPS Watches Most runners love keeping track of their stats, whether they’re trying to increase their average pace or trying to up the …

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Is A 30 Minute 5K Good?

Is a 30 minute 5k good

Learn everything you need to know about setting a goal finish time for your first 5K, and to answer the question, “Is a 30 minute 5K good?” Whether you’re a high school runner who is ready to start running as conditioning for another sport starting in a couple of months, or you’re a complete beginner …

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