How To Warm Up For Yoga: 7 Areas to Focus On

Warming up is an essential part of every workout, even yoga. Yoga warm up poses gently prepare your body for deeper stretches. Whether you are doing slow movements in a Hatha yoga sequence or you have a more demanding yoga practice in your future, warming up reduces your risk for injury and gets your body ready for what is to come.

Yoga for Stomach Pain: 5-Minute Yoga Stretches to Relieve Stomach Bloat

Our digestive tract is one of the most sensitive systems in our body. The discomfort felt in your abdomen from indigestion, menstrual cramps, constipation, or even simply overeating, can leave you doubled over in pain. The most common response to digestive sensitivity is stomach bloat. The feeling of fullness and your abdomen stretching can be very uncomfortable. It might feel like a laxative or a pain reliever like ibuprofen is the best solution, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve prepared a list of 5-Minute yoga stretches to help relieve your stomach bloat naturally.These poses will help stretch out your abdominal muscles and reignite your digestive tract.

6 Perspective-Shifting Yoga Peak Poses for 2021

This has been a challenging year for everyone around the world. The impact of a pandemic affected each of us in different ways. The toll on our mental and physical health is impossible to ignore. With so much out of our control, the best we can do is shift our perspective and take hold of the aspects of our life that we can control. Physical exercise in the form of yoga has benefited the human race for over 5000 years. The practice of yoga calms the mind and relaxes the body. What surprises many who are just starting out is the improved strength of not just your muscles, but of your mind. Challenging the mind will ultimately improve your mental health and give you renewed and refreshed perspective.

Yoga for TMJ Pain Relief: Does It Work?

The practice of yoga has immeasurable benefits to the body. From relaxation to reducing stress and anxiety, many have turned to yoga as an alternative treatment for a number of underlying conditions. Our bodies naturally hold tension in certain areas. Jaw pain and teeth grinding are two common responses when we are feeling tense. If you suffer from TMJ pain, adding yoga practice to your lifestyle might offer some pain relief alongside physical therapy.

The Comprehensive Yoga Mat Holder Buying Guide

A quality yoga mat holder is essential for anyone who enjoys yoga outside of their home. In addition to attending classes, a mat holder lets you bring your yoga equipment when you travel or any time you’ll be away from where you normally practice.

But in order to ensure your yoga practice goes as planned when you are carrying your mat with you in a yoga mat sling, it’s important to carry the right holder.

The 7 Best Yoga Backpacks for Every Occasion

Yoga backpacks are a convenient option for carrying your mat and everything else you need for a yoga class. Backpacks are affordable and easy to carry, allowing you to fully commit to your yoga session no matter your plans before or after your class.

Do You Know Where Yoga Originated?

Yoga is an ancient and complex practice that began as a spiritual practice and later became a way to promote physical and mental well-being. Ancient yoga philosophy and practiceoriginated in India. It has evolved over the years, but many of its original roots are still a part of the modern teachings of yoga. A yoga practice provides you with physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, and for many people, is the key to living at peace.

8 Energizing Yoga Poses for Beginners

Most people think of relaxation and peace when they think of yoga. But did you know yoga can also energize you? There are many different energizing yoga poses that help calm you, but are also a workout and make you feel revitalized and alive. These poses are great to do as part of your morning yoga routine or when you hit your mid-day slump. They can also make for a fantastic practice when you are recovering from an illness or you’ve been feeing down in the dumps.

Why Do I Get a Headache After Yoga? How to Fix It

The practice of yoga is designed to calm your mind and body. Categorized as a low impact exercise, yoga is still incredibly demanding on our muscles. The strength and balance required to perform and hold some poses is deceiving. A successful practice should leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and with improved mental clarity. Why then do some of us walk away with a throbbing headache? Rest assured, this is very common and is easily remedied.