Yoga for Bad Knees or Injuries – Try These Modifications

Whether you have bad knees from injury and wear and tear or simply having issues with some soreness, yoga is a great low impact way to get your exercise without causing further issues with the knee itself. Yoga can improve leg strength and gently work muscles to help support bad knees, but it can also be problematic if you do the wrong exercise. You want to focus on poses that reduce stress on the knees while enhancing muscle for support.

Yoga Pose for Anxiety – Overcome Anxiety with These 5 Poses

Anxiety tends to be overwhelming for many. It can stem from a passing feeling, a tendency to worry or an acute anxiety disorder. The feeling of not having control of life can be life-altering for some. Practicingyogato overcome anxiety can make a significant difference. It can slow feelings of anxiety and bring back mental peace.
To do yoga with the goal of reducing feelings of anxiety you don’t need to join a studio. Practising yoga is not about high-end athletic wear or joininga special class. You just need a little space, understanding of the poses you are going to use and the desire to create a routine. Here are 5 poses you can doon a regular basis to help overcome your anxiety.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain: 12 Poses to Try

Tension and tightness can settle in the neck and shoulder areadue to stress orlack of movement. The tendency to hunch your shoulders and poor posture is exacerbated by being in the same position, such as sitting, for an extended period. Doing simple yoga that targets neck and shoulder pain can make a big difference in reducing discomfort.

Yoga for Insomniacs: How Yoga Can Improve your Sleep Quality and Help You Feel More Relaxed

Practicing yoga is good for the mind and body in many ways. While it is wonderful for improving flexibility, core strength and reducing stress it can also help with sleep issues such as insomnia. People who are insomniacs have praised yogafor helping them improve their sleep. Yoga for insomniacsis said to help people fall asleep quicker, improve sleep quality and help them fall asleep if they happen to wake up throughout the night.
A study done by Harvard Medical School researched how practicing yoga on a daily basis can change the sleep habits of those who suffer from insomnia. The study showed improvements in both the amount of sleep people got as well as the quality. Improvements that were observed were:

Yoga for Hip Pain – 12 Simple and Easy Yoga Poses to Find Relief

Hip pain can stem from various issues with the bones, cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments, tendons or muscles. Each one of these things on their own can cause pain if not working properly and doing what they should.
While yoga cannot take care of medical issues such as deterioration of the joint, it can help increase strength and stability while stretching and caring for the tendons and ligaments. Yoga is beneficial as it is low impact. It can be done by beginners all the way up to experienced yoga practitioners and can help reduce any stress that occurs with ongoing or chronic pain.
Here are some yoga poses for hip pain. Always do them slowly and gently to avoid further hip issues.

5 Yoga Poses for Men – Guys Are You Practicing These?

Think you’re too manly for yoga? Guess again! Not only are you already practicing yoga without realizing it but it can also have far more benefits than you realize – and these benefits far outweigh whether or not you think yoga isn’t manly enough.
Any time you stretch or you see how long you can hold a plank without collapsing in a heap on the floor, you are doing yoga. There are a ton of benefits to yoga for men that you probably don’t realize. We’re going to cover these today as well as five poses that you should be practicing to build strength, boost your mood, and prevent injuries. Sound good?

Back Strengthening Yoga: 4 Steps for Building a Strong Back

Having a strong back is important. Not only is it essential for day to day comfort but having a strong and flexible back helps maintain good health. Even if you are not currently experiencing back pain, there are so many ways that it can develop due to bad habits. You may have a job where you are hunched over a computer screen all day, not realizing that your poor posture can have an adverse effect on your back in the future.
So, what’s the best way to build a strong back? By doing yoga, of course! With simple at-home yoga practice, you can be on your way to reducing or preventing back pain altogether. And if you don’t, these asanas help build your back up so back stress will hopefully never be a problem.

Yoga for Weightlifters: 7 Poses for Increased Range of Motion

Are you a weightlifter looking to increase your range of motion? Look no further than yoga! While most weightlifters know that stretching is essential to warming up your muscles and preventing injury, they don’t always realize how much yoga can benefit them. By practicing yoga, you’re able to multitask, stretching many different muscle groups at once rather than the simple, targeted stretches that you’re used to doing.
The following seven poses are excellent for improving your range of motion as a weightlifter and can also prevent injury, improve muscle strength, enhance physical performance, and improve fitness. Try these poses a minimum of twice a week to bring your warm-up stretches to the next level and reap the results.

Hot Yoga Clothing – What to Wear to Hot Yoga So You Don’t Overheat

So, you decided to give hot yoga a try, thinking you knew what you were getting yourself into. Hot yoga is really only regular yoga with the temperature turned up a few degrees, right? Right?
Wrong! If that’s how you felt, you probably left your first session completely baffled not only about the intensity but also the sheer heat of it all. Did you know that the temperature of hot yoga is meant to mimic the temperature and humidity of India itself?
The main issue that some people new to hot yoga have is that they’re not prepared clothing-wise. If you went into your first session in cotton leggings and a long-sleeved tee, it probably didn’t take you long to regret that decision.