What is Sivananda Yoga?

What is Sivananda Yoga? In this article we offer an explanation of the underpinnings and sequence in ancient, spiritual Sivananda Yoga practice. Yoga practitioners follow several schools and styles of yoga are available. Many people have heard of power flow or hot yoga, yin, restorative or yoga nidra. Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram and Baptiste yoga practices …

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Does Yoga Help With Anxiety?

We’ve all experienced the racing heart, sweaty palms, and butterflies in the stomach that accompany anxiety. Whether you were nervous about a situation or suffer from an anxiety disorder, yoga is proven to help with stress reduction and anxiety. Incredibly, yoga practice offers other health benefits too. In this article we explore the topic and …

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The Benefits of Running with a Weighted Vest

Training and running with a weighted vest offers many benefits. Here’s what to consider before working out with one. There’s a variety of benefits that come along with a weighted vest, such as increasing your running time, losing weight, and building muscle, among others. The key to running with a weighted vest is to take your time and not jump into heavy workouts …

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