Is A 30 Minute 5K Good?

Is a 30 minute 5k good

Learn everything you need to know about setting a goal finish time for your first 5K, and to answer the question, “Is a 30 minute 5K good?” Whether you’re a high school runner who is ready to start running as conditioning for another sport starting in a couple of months, or you’re a complete beginner …

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Why Do Marathon Runners Collapse?

Why do marathon runners collapse?

Here, we’ll explore why do marathon runners collapse—or even suffer cardiac arrest—during marathons and other endurance events.  Running A Marathon: What the Body Endures For both aspiring and seasoned triathlon, marathon, and half marathon athletes, it’s hard to ignore the thought of becoming one of the runners who collapse on the sidelines, needing medical attention. …

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What Is Anabolic Running?

What Is Anabolic Running

What is anabolic running? Is this the way you can improve your running performance? Learn more about anabolic running and this unique running program below!  So, what is anabolic running and what are its benefits? If you are anything like me, you want to maintain a healthy body weight. Therefore, you perform cardio workouts and interval training on a regular basis. You would also, …

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