Yoga for Hip Pain – 12 Simple and Easy Yoga Poses to Find Relief

Do you want to practice yoga for hip pain? Hip pain can stem from various issues with the bones, cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments, tendons or muscles. Each one of these things on their own can cause pain if not working properly and doing what they should.

While yoga cannot take care of medical issues such as deterioration of the joint, it can help increase strength and stability while stretching and caring for the tendons and ligaments. Yoga is beneficial as it is low impact. It can be done by beginners all the way up to experienced yoga practitioners and can help reduce any stress that occurs with ongoing or chronic pain.

Here are some yoga poses for hip pain. Always do them slowly and gently to avoid further hip issues.

Yoga for Hip Pain – 12 Poses to Aid Pain Relief

These poses are for people of all levels of ability. Consult with a doctor ahead of starting yoga to make sure it will not hurt your hips and then modify the poses as needed to do what works best for you.

1. Legs up the Wall – Great for tension in the lower back that can lead to pain in the hips. Sit with the right hip against the wall, bend back and put your legs up on the wall. You can have the sitting bones against the wall or farther back as comfortable. Have arms relaxed beside you. Close your eyes and hold for as many minutes as you feel comfortable.

2. Chair Figure 4 – This is good for individuals who cannot get down to the floor or are using yoga for arthritis in the hips.  Take a seat on a solid chair with feet flat under your knees. Put your right ankle on your left knee. Press gently on the knee down to the floor. Make sure you breathe and only press as comfortable. Do this for 10 breaths and then do the other side.

3. Reclined Figure 4 – Lie on the floor with your knees bent and the feet flat. Put the right ankle on the left knee so your knee can move back from your head. You can maintain this position or inhale and bring the left foot up from the floor, so your thigh is moving towards you. Lock your hands and then place them around the left thigh. You then pull up while pressing the thigh into the hands. Hold for 10 breaths then change to the other side.

4. Baby Cradle – While seated on your mat, bend the right knee and raise that leg so you can put the right arm around the knee and left around the right foot. It is similar to if you were cradling a baby. Move the hip back and forth or in a circular motion. Hold for 10 breaths and then work with the other side. 

5. Happy Baby – Lay down and pull your knees up to the chest. Then move the knees apart so they are wider than the body. They reach between your knees and hold the outer area of your feet. Then open the feet to the ceiling with toes flexed toward you. The lower back should be on the floor with a relaxed head, neck and shoulders. Every time you breathe out allow the knees to relax. Hold for 10 breaths.

Yoga for hip pain
The Seated Twist

6. Seated Twist – Sit tall with legs out front. Bend the right knee then put it on your left one. Keep your sitting bones touching the floor and bend your left knee with the foot coming to the right hip. Embrace your torso toward the right knee. (You can just keep your left straight if that is all you can do). Breathe in and put your right palm on the ground behind you while still hugging with the left. You should feel a twist. Hold for 5-10 breaths then relax and change sides.

7. Twisted Root – Lie down with knees to your chest. Put arms out like a T. Move the right leg over the left. Roll legs over on the right on an exhale and look left. Hold for ten deep breaths then work the other side.

8. Easy Pose with a Forward Fold – Sit with legs crossed and inhale while stretching the back up. As you exhale fold forward with arms reaching to the front. Hold for 10 breaths then rise up on an inhale. Reverse the leg cross and repeat.

9. Bound Angle – Sit on your mat with the flats of your feet touching and knees open out to your sides. Your hands should be on the feet. Straighten your back and inhale as you move at the hips forward. It will not be a big fold. Pull your chin in and breathe evenly. Keep your back straight. Ten breaths then release.

10. Firelog – Sitting on the floor, bend the right leg so the shin is in line to the floor then bend the left and place its shin on the right, so the knee is on your ankle and the ankle on top of the knee. (stacked like fire logs). If you want a deep stretch, deeply inhale and hinge forward. Hold for 90 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes then change sides.

11. Pigeon Pose – Begin on hands and knees. Bring the right knee on the outside of the right wrist. Your right ankle will be somewhere in front of the left hip. Slide the left leg back. Try and keep the hips level. On exhale, bend over forward over the right leg. Go as far as comfortable. Hold for about a minute and a half and no more than 5 minutes. Release and change sides.

12. Wall Figure 4 – This pose opens the hips but can be too intense. Use caution and listen to your body. Sit against a wall with bent knees. Both feet should be on the floor. Lift your right foot and put its ankle on the left knee. Push the left foot so the ankle is right on the knee then shift the left foot into the sitting bones. Hold for five breaths and release. Change sides.

Final Thoughts on Yoga For Hip Pain

Hip pain can happen due to a pulled muscle or because there is a chronic issue of deterioration. No matter what the cause, the pain can be intrusive. While yoga cannot fix medical issues, it can help reduce and relieve hip pain through conscious breathing, body awareness and solid stretching and strengthening. Find the poses that work for your body and then do them regularly to help alleviate pain and soreness in your hips.

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