Best Yoga Studio Management Software: 6 Top Choices (2021)

Getting the best yoga studio management software is crucial if you want to grow your business. Studio management software can include features for inventory, program registrations, accounting, booking, and even customer relationships.

We have explored some of the best yoga studio software to help you monetize online yoga classes without spending hours on painful admin.

Advanced studio management software will support marketing

Depending on what you want, a good basic solution should include features for:

  • class bookings and scheduling
  • subscription-based payments
  • and member management

More advanced studio management software will support marketing, customer relationship management and even building an entire website for your practice. 

Please note, the prices in this roundup are subject to change.

1. Karen

As a passionate yoga instructor, you need to track the attendance of new students. Checking attendance is often ignored because the work is tedious and takes too much of your time. Karen bills itself as an intelligent assistant for yoga studio owners.

Payment plans

The Open plan – This free plan offers unlimited appointments and events and includes a chat box assistant. You can also embed a widget on your practice’s website, displaying information like class times.

The Nest plan – For $8 per month, you get extras like contact data, SMS notification, email support and Zoom and Stripe integrations. In addition, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

The Hive plan – This plan is the most expensive at $18 per month and includes everything in the Nest plan plus metrics and reporting, removable branding and developer support.


  • Helps you track attendance, manage groups and schedule classes with a carefree user experience and zero learning curve.
  • Lets you create an online calendar to schedule recurring or one-time events for groups or individuals.
  • Syncs with your calendar, collect invitee information and provide a bot to help you with your work.
  • Students can mark their absence on the calendar and get a routine reminder about their classes through the calendar sync.
  • Helps instructors collect and distribute information about individual appointments.


  • Not applicable for multiple studios.

For a yoga instructor with only one studio location, we recommend Karen, as the software is affordable, and creating your own website is easy.

2. Namastream

Namastream Studio software helps you teach yoga virtually through courses, memberships, and live streams. It’s a good solution for practices who want to diversify their revenue sources.

Best yoga studio management software
Live streaming yoga classes

Payment plans

Studio Annual Plan – With the annual fee of  $1,790, you get two free months and can add a maximum of fifteen teacher profiles and up to 1,000 students. The Studio Annual plan also includes 2,000 livestream users per month.

Teacher Monthly Plan –  This is the most flexible option and costs $125 per month. It supports one tutor and up to 750 students. The Teacher Monthly plan permits 1,000 live-streaming users per month.


  • Provides capacity to upload and store video, audio and document files.
  • Enables the creation of an unlimited amount of yoga courses.
  • Lets instructors teach through live streaming.
  • Tracking sales is easy.
  • Connects to payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.


  • Each studio will need an individual solution.
  • Less useful for practitioners who teach in person.

3. Acuity Scheduling Software

Acuity is a type of appointment scheduling software that’s aimed at businesses of all types, not just yoga practices. Users can automate their appointment bookings by syncing their calendars.

This program provides many resources to remind you of your schedule. It offers a point-of-sale and integrates with third-party applications such as WordPress and your accounting software.

Payment plans

Monthly Acuity scheduling software subscriptions range from free to $50 per month. A typical yoga practice may require the Growing Plan as it supports subscriptions, memberships, appointment packages and multiple calendars.


  • You can brand the platform to suit the look and feel of your yoga practice
  • Supports SMS and email reminders, recurring appointments, and rescheduling


  • Not specifically built with yoga practices or health and fitness businesses in mind.

4. Perfect Mind

Perfect Mind will help you run your yoga studio with features like calendar management, booking automation, facility management and payments. It’s aimed at new and bigger practices. You can request a demo before signing up.

Perfect mind
Your students can manage their bookings online

Payment plans

Basic – For $105 per month you will get various tools for running your practice, including appointment scheduling, inventory management, email marketing and more.

A maximum of 50 members can sign up. You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial with both the Basic and Plus plans.

Plus – At the rate of $145 per month, you get the benefits of the Basic plan, including the 14-day free trial, and can add unlimited members.

Pro — Called Pro for a reason, the $270 per month payment plan provides the benefits of the Plus plan, with other features for website design and marketing automation. A discount is available if you buy an annual subscription.


  • Students can easily register with the software, making managing classes and cancellations effortless.
  • Perfect Mind helps you manage scheduling, marketing, billing with one monthly subscription.
  • Students can view and purchase all available offers.
  • This solution is available for single instructor studios and multiple studios.


  • Contains many features newer practices may not require like landing pages, email marketing, campaign management.
  • Not cheap.

5. Mindbody

Mindbody is a purpose-built yoga studio management app. It’s built with discovery in mind, and end users (your customers) can post reviews of classes and practices. It also supports virtual classes.

Payment Plan

Mindbody is available at no cost for seven days, as part of a free trial.


  • Options include sending bulk emails and text messages to engage your clients and an editable email template that makes carrying the bulk SMS easy.
  • Supports virtual yoga classes.
  • Clients can book appointments quickly and easily through the Mind and Body app; Google or even Facebook.


  • Not applicable for multiple studios.
  • The paid version Starter version costs $129, making it an expensive proposition for newer practices.

6. Zen Planner

Zen Planner
Suitable for all types of fitness studio

Zen Planner is an all-in-one business management software aimed at gyms, fitness studios and yoga practices.  Zen Planner enables you to capture, track and guide prospects based on their current status while tracking conversion rates from first contact to paid subscription. You can request a demo before signing up.

Payment plans

Zen Planner starts at $117 per month. Pricing is based on active members rather than features. You can request a live demo before subscribing.


  • Supports calendar management and email automation.
  • Powerful financial reporting tools.
  • Includes gamification features not available in other apps.
  • Built with many business types in mind, including yoga practices.


  • As your practice grows, your subscription cost will increase.

Final Word on the Best Yoga Studio Management Software

Finding the best studio software depends on the size of your business and what you need. For example, do you want software for managing client bookings and accepting payments only? Or do you want a solution that takes care of every part of your practice’s online presence?

Using one of the suggestions above, you should be able to find the right solution for your practice faster. If in doubt, request a demo or take out a trial before signing up.