What Is Gentle Yoga?

What is gentle yoga?

What is gentle yoga? Gentle yoga is a type of yoga designed to be as low impact as possible, making it ideal for new yogis or those with mobility issues. Gentle yoga classes were one of the first types of yoga to become popular. While many people may think of all yoga as “gentle” or low-impact, …

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10 Fabulous Yoga Decor Ideas

Yoga room decor ideas

These yoga decor ideas can help transform any space into a sanctuary that reflects your personality, making for the perfect place to practice your poses. If you’re a regular practitioner of yoga, then it’s a great idea to consider setting up a dedicated space for your practice. Yoga is inherently concerned with finding inner peace, …

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What Is Endurance Running?

What is endurance running?

Have you ever wondered, “what is endurance running?” Endurance running, also referred to as long-distance running, is all about increasing running distance. There are so many types of running, so what is endurance running? Endurance running is often referred to as long-distance running because the focus of the sport is on running for long distances. …

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What Is Cross-Country Running? Best Way To Prepare

What is cross-country running?

Have you ever wondered, “what is cross-country running?” Cross-country running is a form of long-distance running over open terrain; it’s usually competitive. If you’re like me, there may have been times in high school when you’ve conflated cross-country running with track running. So, what is cross-country running? Cross-country running is a sport in which teams or individual people run a race on …

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What Is Chair Yoga?

What is chair yoga?

Have you ever wondered, “what is chair yoga?” Chair yoga is a low-impact yoga. It is ideal for seniors, people recovering from injuries, and those new to yoga. Every week at my gym, there’s a group of older people who take over one of the classrooms and go through yoga. I say older people, but while …

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