What is Reiki Yoga?

What is Reiki yoga?

Reiki yoga combines Reiki treatment with restorative yoga to help you achieve energetic flow. In the moment after birth, when a newborn is placed in its mother’s arms and stops crying, it learns the soothing power of the combination of gentle physical touch and loving energy.  This understanding manifests every time a child with a painfully scraped knee asks …

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Best 6 Video Games for Meditation

Video games and meditation

Is it possible to combine video games and meditation? Level-up your meditation practice with these six video games. In many ways, video games sound like a terrible tool for learning to meditate. Video games are extremely stimulating, while meditation uses sensory deprivation to reduce distractions.  Video games focus on conflict or violence, while meditation is fundamentally still and peaceful. Video games require tactical thinking in …

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