Can You Run in Crocs? 4 Reasons Why It’s Unsafe

can you run in crocs

If you found yourself wondering, “Can you run in Crocs?”  The answer is: You probably shouldn’t. This article discusses why it’s not safe to do so.

If you don’t have a pair of running shoes on hand, you might wonder what other shoes you can use. A good pair of Crocs could do, but is it worth it? After falling on concrete and gashing my knee, I’d have to say: it’s not.

But consider the risks and benefits for your own set of circumstances. It’s always essential to buy the right tool for the job. And when talking about exercise, there is a right tool or shoe for every event. Have a look at our article on the best shoes for CrossFit and running; when you have finished here, of course! And if you want something more unconventional, check out our guides to buying trail running shoes or the best mud running shoes.

You can run in Crocs. Heck, you can lift in them, but they aren’t the safest pair of shoes. Athletic shoes are a better choice. Even running barefoot can be safer.

Crocs Sport Mode

You may have heard some people talk about the Sport Mode on Crocs. The mode is a fancy term for pulling the strap down, so it’s behind your foot instead of on top.

Now, that mode can make it seem like Crocs are suitable for running. However, other aspects of the shoe’s design keep it from being an ideal running shoe.

Sure, placing the strap in the back offers a bit more security. But it doesn’t change things enough to make Crocs a replacement running shoe.

Why You Shouldn’t Run in Crocs

can you run in crocs
Crocs in Sports Mode

Despite the Crocs Sport Mode, you shouldn’t run in them. The Sport Mode doesn’t offer sufficient support, as your foot could still slip out. Also, Crocs are designed for casual use rather than sports.

Here’s a breakdown of why you shouldn’t run in Crocs:

  • Sport mode isn’t that great for running
  • The loose fit can cause instability
  • Low traction could cause you to slip
  • Large holes don’t protect you from the elements

Loose Fit

Compared to a lot of other shoes, Crocs fit very loosely. While comfort is their selling point, loose fitting is not ideal for running.

You don’t want to wear the tightest possible shoes to run because that’s not good either. However, you should wear shoes that fit snuggly to protect your feet.

Stability Issues

Since Crocs are so loose-fitting, they won’t provide ample stability for running. You need to know that your shoes will support you as your feet hit the ground.

The loose fit allows your feet to move around in Crocs. Even if you manage to keep the shoes on, your feet might not stay in the same position within the Crocs. That means you won’t hit the ground the same way on every step. In addition, the material compresses dramatically, which contributes to instability.

You could lose any traction or bounce you get from the shoes because you have to work harder to keep the shoes in place on your feet. Crocs are also notorious for their lack of ankle support, increasing the risk of twisting your ankle when you land.

Low Traction

Crocs have surprisingly good traction for casual wear. The bottoms have treads to help you walk more safely, so they aren’t the worst pair of shoes available.

However, the traction might not be as effective when you run faster, especially when compared to athletic shoes.

The traction you get is good but not as good as shoes that use distinct, gripping material on the sole.

Minimal Protection

can you run in crocs
Crocs are made for leisure, not high-impact activity.

You also have to consider the fact that Crocs have a lot of holes in them. There are holes on the top, which many people use for charms. If you place charms in your Crocs, their insides could irritate the top of your feet.

Let’s address the holes on the side of the shoes. Of course, it’s ideal to have breathable shoes for running and other sports. However, the holes on Crocs are much larger, whereas the holes on athletic shoes tend to be almost invisible to the eye.

Maybe you step in a puddle during a run. Water could get in through the holes on the sides, slosh about, and cause your feet to slip around. Then, keeping your feet in place as you run will be even harder.

Can You Walk in Crocs?

Now that you know the answer to “can you run in Crocs?” is “yes, but you shouldn’t,” but you can walk in them? Whether you need to walk to get somewhere or want to walk as a form of exercise, Crocs are a fantastic choice.

Just make sure you avoid puddles and rough terrain. That way, you don’t have to worry much about losing traction and falling on your walk.

You might also want to size down so the Crocs will fit a bit tighter and thus feel more secure.