Can You Run in Metcons? 4 Basic Types

Can you run in Metcons?

One question we see a lot is, “Can you run in metcons?” While Nike Metcons are made for the gym, you can technically run in Metcons. 

It seems like Nike is always on the cutting edge when it comes to running shoes. Metcons are cross-training and cross-fit shoes, but can you run in them? The short answer is that Nike Metcons are great for shorter runs but aren’t the best for long-distance running.

Let’s learn more about this excellent shoe and which types of exercise they’re good for.

Nike Metcon Explained

can you run in metcons
Nike Metcons are designed for CrossFit, HIIT, and other training

While the Metcon may look like a running shoe, it’s designed for CrossFit, HIIT, and other training. There are four different basic types of Nike Metcons.

  • Nike Metcon (original): This version is good for heavy weight lifting, CrossFit, and serious cross-training, including HIIT.
  • Nike Free Metcon: This version is great for HIIT, classes, recreational lifting, and athletic-focused training.
  • Nike React Metcon Turbo: This version of good for classes, lifting, athletic-focused training, and HIIT.
  • Nike Metcon Sport: This version is ideal for shoppers on a budget, and you can wear them for recreational lifting, classes, and casual cross-training.

Each Metcon type is different. For example, Nike claims the Metcon 7 is the most stable and toughest Metcon ever. They claim the Nike Metcon 7 is the best shoe for weight training.

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Are Nike Metcons Good For Running?

Can you run in Metcons?
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Nike Free Metcons have fairly low heel-to-toe drop and are flexible without much cushioning. There are more aggressive shoes, but Nike Metcons are minimalist shoes. Nike Metcons are decent shoes for running short distances.

Also, if you’re a heel striker, you won’t be comfortable in Nike Metcons because when you make strong heel contact, the heel stiffness of the Metcons will be uncomfortable. If you’re normally a heel striker and you want to run in Nike Metcons, try to do a forefoot or midfoot strike on your sprints. 

If you can’t do this, you’re better off wearing different running shoes.

Running shoes should be designed to absorb and cushion a landing. Also, running shoes should move the foot forward to the best running gait and give you an explosive and powerful toe-off.

On the other hand, training shoes need to be more supportive around the heel, and they also need to have better structure. You don’t want your feet sinking into a foamy base.

Remember that no shoe is ideal for every runner, including Metcons. If you’ve been wearing cushioned shoes for a long time, suddenly changing to a shoe that doesn’t have a lot of cushioning can be risky.

If you want to run in Nike Metcons, progressively increase your wear time. For the first week, wear the Metcons for five minutes, and gradually increase the time you wear them over the next several weeks. One tip is to run with better techniques so that you can strengthen your feet and legs. 

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FAQs About Can You Run In Metcons

Are Nike Metcon Good For Cardio?

You can wear Nike Metcons for cardio; they are especially well-suited to serious cross-training and HIIT.

Are Metcons Good For HIIT?

Nike Metcons are excellent shoes to wear if you’re doing HIIT workouts. Choose the Nike Metcon original, Nike Free Metcon, or Nike React Metcon Turbo for HIIT workouts.

What Are Metcons Good For?

Nike Metcons are best for activities such as CrossFit and serious cross-training. Meanwhile, the Nike Metcon spin-off models such as Nike Free Metcon, Nike React Metcon Turbo, and Nike Metcon Sport are designed for different cross-training sub-categories.