Red Bull Art of Motion

Red Bull Art of Motion is competition labeled as a freerunning competition held in various countries, including England, Kuwait, the US, and Sweden. Judging of the event is based on several criteria including creativity, flow, execution, and difficulty. The latest Art of Motion was held in Santorini, Greece on 14 September 2013; Cory DeMeyers took first place, Alexander Baiturin took second place, and Jesse La Flair took third place and best trick for the Lunar Eclipse. Champions : 2013:1. Cory DeMeyers .2. Alexander Baiturin (RUS) .3. Jesse La Flair (USA) 2012:1. Pavels Petkuns .2. Marcus Gustafsson (SWE).3. Jason Paul (GER), 2011:1.Tim Shieff .2.Marcus Gustafson (SWE).3.Ryan Doyle (UK) 2010:1.Jason Paul.2.Pip Andersen (UK).3.Marcus Gustafsson (Sweden) 2009:1.Delyan “Dido” Dimitrov;,2.Jason Paul (GER).3.Tim “Livewire” Shieff (UK) 2007:1.Ryan Doyle.2.. Victor Lopez (US).3.Marcus Gustafsson (SWE) See more at: