23 Funny Running Quotes: A Lighthearted Look At The Joy Of Running

Funny running quotes

Running requires more than physical training but requires mental endurance to power through. These funny running quotes will help make the miles more bearable. 

Running is a sport that requires dedication, perseverance, and a sense of humor. From the early morning workouts to crossing the finish line after a grueling race, runners have been known to utter a few hilarious quotes that capture the essence of the sport. This article is a collection of some of the funniest and most inspiring running quotes that will leave you chuckling and motivated.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting on your journey, these quotes will lighten your mood. Keeping one’s sense of humor intact is an essential part of staying on track and enjoying every step of the journey. So, lace up your shoes, and let’s dive into these comical running quotes that prove laughter is the best medicine when it comes to pounding the pavement. You might also enjoy these inspirational running quotes.

Funny Running Quotes

Seasoned runners don’t hold back when sharing their honest post-run feelings: 

From Famous Runners

  1. “If you start to feel good during an ultra, don’t worry, you will get over it.” – Gene Thibeault
  2. “I often hear someone say I’m not a real runner. We are all runners; some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.” – Bart Yasso

From Everyday Runners

  1. “Finishing a marathon is a state of mind that says anything is possible.” – Unknown
  2. “If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin.” – Unknown

Quotes About Running Challenges

Hills And Obstacles

Quotes about running challenges

Finding humor in the challenges faced by runners allows them to stay motivated and push through tough moments. Here are some funny quotes about hills and other obstacles that runners often encounter:

  1. “Hills. We love them; we hate them; they make us strong; they make us weak. Today I chose to embrace hills.” – Hal Higdon
  2. “If you see me collapse, pause my running watch.” – Unknown

Long Distances

Running long distances can be grueling, but laughter can provide a welcome break from the struggles. Here are some funny long-distance running quotes:

  1. “Running long distances just seemed like a good idea at the time.” – Unknown
  2. “I don’t think about mile 26 because then, I start doing math in my head.” – Unknown
  3. “I run because I want to remember what it feels like to struggle.” – Unknown

Bad Weather

Funny running quotes

Running in bad weather can be a significant challenge, but funny quotes can help lighten the mood. Here are some humorous thoughts about running in less-than-ideal conditions:

  1. “I don’t train to win races. I train to eat more cake.” – Unknown
  2. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.” – Bill Bowerman
  3. “Rain, sleet, or snow, I’ll still get in a run. Unless I don’t want to.” – Unknown

Running Quotes With A Touch Of Sarcasm

While these quotes might elicit a chuckle, they also serve to remind us that, sometimes, taking a lighter approach to fitness can make the process more enjoyable. Runners don’t always need to be serious – a dash of sarcasm can help keep things fun and lighthearted. Some of the most memorable sarcasm-laced quotes include:

  1. “I don’t run to add days to my life; I run to add life to my days.” – Ronald Rook
  2. “Why couldn’t Pheidippides have died at 20 miles?” – Frank Shorter

Humor In Misery

These quotes highlight the humorous side of the challenges and discomforts marathon runners face:

  1. “I run because I really like food.” – Unknown
  2. “If you start to feel good during a marathon, don’t worry – it will pass.” – Unknown
  3. “If you can’t win, make the one ahead of you break the record.” –  John McKeithen

Lighthearted Observations

These lighthearted observations offer a funny perspective on the marathon running experience:

  1. “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham
  2. “I’m not running half of anything. I’m crushing 13.1 miles.” – Unknown
  3. “I run because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.” – Unknown

Running And Life Balance

These funny running quotes are about balancing your training schedule:

  1. “My relationship with running is like the movie ‘The Notebook.’ I hate it every second, but deep down, I know I can’t live without it.” – Unknown
  2. “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in preparation and making my own luck.” – Bobby Knight
  3. “Running is a mental sport, and we’re all insane.” – Unknown

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