How Do Runners Take Pictures Of Themselves? 6 Easy Steps To Follow

how do runners take pictures of themselves

Taking a selfie while running can be a powerful motivator, reminding you of a moment in life in which you took action. But, how do runners take pictures of themselves? 

There are going to be those who roll their eyes at folks who take selfies, especially while exercising, but some runners could be getting into shape and want to track their progress. Runners usually set their phone up on a tripod, set a timer, and start running in order to capture some stunning active shots. No matter the reason, runners who wish to take pictures while running have every right to do so if that makes them happy.

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How Do Runners Take Pictures Of Themselves?

Here are six easy steps to snap a picture of yourself while running.

Step 1: Set Up A Tripod

If you plan to take a lot of running photos, investing in the right equipment would be well worth it. Runners struggle to take selfies, even with a selfie stick, so they usually find other ways to document their training.

Buying a lightweight, flexible smartphone tripod that fits in a backpack is a great option. Just set the tripod up in the right position, and you’re ready to go.

smart phone stands on a tripod and takes a panorama of nature
A lightweight, flexible smartphone tripod is a great option

Step 2: Setting Up Your Camera Timer

Once you’ve set your phone up in the ideal position, enter camera mode and set up your timer. Most smartphones allow you to set a timer for between three to ten seconds. You’ll want ten seconds to make sure you have enough time. 

Step 3: Position Yourself And Run

After the timer is activated, you’ve really got to move because the clock is ticking. You will have a few seconds to get into the right position and run by your phone. Once it reaches ten seconds, you’ll have your running shot.

Step 4: Reshoot

Your first time taking pictures of yourself while running, there will be a lot of trial and error. You’ll need to get a feel for the right time to run by the camera. If you’re too slow or fast, it will only capture the background or a part of your body.

Step 5: Photo Editing

Once you’ve completed your run and arrived home, go through your phone and keep the photos you like. If you want to tweak them a bit, there’s no shortage of great photo editing tools for the PC or on your phone. Some of them are free.

Step 6: Post

After all your hard work, now all you have to do is post your favorite photos to your favorite social media platform and watch the likes roll in!

Taking A Video Of Yourself When Running

If you find the first method a bit too frustrating, there’s another option. You can use your smartphone or a GoPro to take videos of yourself as you run.

How Do Runners Take Pictures Of Themselves - an attractive young woman taking a selfie while exercising outdoors
You can use your smartphone or a GoPro to take videos of yourself as you run

Set up just as you would with your phone camera, ensuring your tripod’s set at a good angle and height. Do a test run-through or two to determine if your camera is set up properly. After making your adjustments, you should be good to go.

One of the benefits of shooting video instead of using a 10-second timer is that you have much more time to work, so you can record as many times as you want. Once you arrive home, it’s time to turn your videos into photos. All you need is an app that can take screenshots of your video; the app should divide the video up frame-by-frame.

Pick the best frames and save them to your phone or PC. Once you’ve saved the photo, you can use editing software to enhance it.

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