7 Best Yoga Photography Ideas To Capture The Moment 

Best Yoga Photography Ideas

Are you looking to spruce up your Instagram feed with a unique yoga photo? Here are my yoga photography ideas for an awe-inspiring shot.

On a lush meadow or top of the cliff, posing against the sun by the beach, or looking straight into the camera – those are just a few stunning shots to capture when it comes to yoga photography.

Shooting poses is the best way to keep your memories alive and encourage healthy habits. Here are some of the best yoga photography ideas for inspiration.

1. Tree Position

Let’s start with the basics; I can’t count how many times I’ve seen pictures of people standing in the middle of the mat with their hands over their heads or intertwining in front of their chests. This pose is not particularly hard to hold and is easy to capture.

The key factors for a tree position picture to win are the lighting, the pose, and the facial expression. Stand near the floor-to-ceiling window on one side so the natural light source can create a beautiful contrast to the darker side on the other side of the room.

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2. The Cobra Pose

Wanna have another “look at me” photo? Well, why not game it up with something more challenging, like the cobra pose? 

Opt for a simple, monotone yoga outfit while you lay on the mat with your face looking upward at the light. Once again, we want your face to be the shot’s focus.

What you want to achieve in the picture is the perfect curve with your back all the way to the legs and heels. Remember to keep your hands at shoulder width and parallel to create one straight line with the legs and the feet.

3. Yoga Portrait

My favorite thing about yoga portraits is the sense of time and stillness that makes you stop and think. 

When you shoot a yoga portrait, you can play around with as many ideas as you want. The shot can be directly into the face of the model at a close-up angle or sideways.

The model can also sit in a butterfly or child’s pose, smiling at the camera. 

4. Go Outdoor

Best Yoga Photography Ideas: Go outdoor
The best thing about outdoor yoga photography is the natural landscape and flattering golden hour lighting

Step outdoors and let the natural light shine. The best thing about outdoor yoga photography is the natural landscape and flattering golden hour lighting.

Have a lush backyard garden you want to share? Put your mat down on the grassy yard and start posing. 

The weather and season also come into play. Choose a stunning landscape of the mountaintop log cabin in spring or opt for a sunset pose on the rooftop – you name it.

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5. Sunset Backlit Shot

My favorite way to celebrate the sun is to bring out the sun salutation pose in a backlit sunset shot

Use the most basic asana and let the fading sun do its work. Climb to the top of the cliff so you can get near the sun as much as possible or lay down by a silver grass field or sand dune. You don’t want to see the shadow that emerges in the frame, which is likely to happen when the sun is directly behind the model.

6. Share A Laugh

Got some friends into yoga as much as you do? Don’t let the precious moments go to waste. Pick your favorite location and make beautiful shapes, movements, and elegant lines for a group photo.

A group yoga shot will deliver a sense of joy, connection, and achievement at the same time. Add some colors into your images, with each of you wearing a different color outfit, posing in the meadow, and having a bright smile on your face. 

Alternatively, if you wish to add depth and dramatic notes to your shots, opt for a black-and-white photo in which you all have the same pose with resting faces and eyes closed.

7. Capture Yoga Movements With Shutter Speed

Last but not least, experimenting with shutter speed is the best way to capture the movement of your poses and bring them back to life. Shutter speed is the magic wand in photography as it breathes life into each frame.

Try increasing the shutter speed and blurring the motion before adding a neutral density filter. The model can sit still on the mat with their hands and arms moving above their heads or stretching the body while tilting the head upward slowly in a cobra pose. If you have a tripod ready to use, it will add a dramatic contrast while the photo figure remains still.