How Does Yoga With Adriene Make Money?

Are you wondering how does Yoga With Adriene make money? This article will explain the reasons behind the Youtube channel‘s massive success. Let’s find out.

If you search for “Yoga with…” on YouTube, chances are Youtube will reply with Yoga With Adriene as the top result. She first started posting on Youtube in 2012, and today, Adriene’s had more than 11.4 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views in total. Yoga With Adriene makes money from YouTube ad revenue, brand deals, and subscriptions from her biggest fans.

By putting out a careful research SEO technique, thoughtful approach, and integrity, as well as an aesthetic setup in each video, Yoga With Adriene is expected to generate more than $2 million alone from YouTube. So what is the story behind Yoga With Adriene channel, and how this American yoga teacher becomes a well-received figure in the fitness community? Let’s find out.

Yoga With Adriene – A Brief Insight

Adriene Mishler has built a yoga empire. The yoga instructor turned her dream into reality simply by teaching yoga online and inspiring people. In particular, Yoga With Adriene flourished during COVID-lockdowns when people could no longer head to a yoga studio for some relaxation. 

However, her career took off long before the virus hit. Thanks to accessible and inspiring virtual classes, Yoga With Adriene has uploaded hundreds of inspiring videos. Adriene also uploaded beginner-friendly videos such as Yoga For Beginners and Foundations of Yoga series you can follow in no time.

How Much Money Does Yoga With Adriene Make From Youtube?

How does yoga with Adriene make money
Its giant Youtube video collection is ad revenue

The primary source of income Yoga With Adriene made from its giant Youtube video collection is ad revenue. From YouTube alone, Yoga With Adriene could be earning an estimated amount of more than $2 million from YouTube alone. Other than making Youtube videos, Adriene has also partnered with brands such as Adidas. You might also be interested in our yoga flow ideas.

The Secret Behind Yoga With Adriene’s Booming Reputation

Short-Term Profit Versus Long-Term Benefits

We all know that Yoga With Adriene is a Youtube channel that costs nothing to access and follow. Her series and themes are known to be approachable and laidback, especially with her lovely companion, her puppy Benji, by her side.

Therefore, Adriene has been able to grow a huge fandom over the years that contributes to the number of views and subscribers to her channel. Other than that, a long-term sponsorship deal with Adidas also makes up a big segment of her net worth. 

As one of the leading athletic brands, Adidas is featured in Adriene’s videos and on her yoga site. The growing community of repeat students and loyal followers quickly turns into a huge potential market for the yoga star. Her subscribers are willing to pay to access extra content.

She Understands The Pain Points Yogis Face

With a down-to-earth and laid-back personality, Adriene makes yoga easier to follow than ever. Click on any of her Youtube videos, and you will be hypnotized by the slow-paced, accessible vibe that everyone can follow despite skill level, gender, or age.

Even long before the pandemic hit, having a chance to connect with the body and mind without paying to attend classes or finding time to travel to and from a studio became a norm for many people. Adriene knows that. For that reason, her online classes target those who don’t have the budget for such expensive classes so they can practice on the floor of their living rooms anytime.

Another reason behind her success is that each of her videos has a purpose that taps into your needs. Let’s say you’re looking for quick morning yoga before work; she has a 10-Minute Morning Yoga video. For newcomers, she has a 20-minute sequence called Yoga For Beginners. Alternatively, you will find her making Yoga For Comfort And Nourishment, a Full-Body Stretch, 10-Minute Yoga For Self-Care, and more.

Little girl doing yoga at home
Accessible vibe that everyone can follow despite skill level, gender, or age

A Marketing Strategy That Works

Along with a clear and consistent branding strategy plus an SEO research plan that works, Yoga With Adriene has become the most popular yoga channel on Youtube for those seeking integrity, a beginner-friendly approach, and an aesthetic setup. Check out our yoga studio business model to learn more.