Is Restorative Yoga For Beginners: 3 Best Benefits

Is restorative yoga for beginners?

Because of the relatively slow, relaxed pace of restorative yoga, you might be wondering is restorative yoga for beginners. Learn more about this below!

Compared to other forms of yoga, restorative yoga doesn’t move as quickly, so you might wonder if it’s suitable for those new to yoga. You tend to hold certain poses for longer, and your heart rate doesn’t get as high, but because it is a relatively slow type of yoga, it is an excellent option for beginners. At the same time, you must make sure that you put safety first if you want to try this type of yoga for the first time.

Restorative yoga is a great type of yoga if you want to relax. It can help you soothe your body, calm your mind, and leave your stresses at the door. It is also a great option if you want to recover after a strenuous workout.

How Is Restorative Yoga Different?

There are a few ways restorative yoga differs from standard yoga types. When people think about the stereotypical yoga they see at the gym, they are usually thinking about vinyasa yoga or hatha yoga

These forms of yoga can also be helpful for beginners, but they tend to move at a quicker pace. People who attend these classes should expect to get their heart rates up, and the yoga studio leader will go through more poses in a given class.

In contrast, during restorative yoga, you hold poses for a much longer amount of time. This gives your muscles an opportunity to relax. That is why restorative yoga classes are a great way to unwind.

If you believe that you are too tired to take traditional yoga classes because of your workout schedule, restorative yoga can be a great way for your body to recover.

Restorative Yoga Props  

If you decide to give restorative yoga a try, you will need to get a few props. For example, you should probably get some folded yoga blankets, which will help you keep yourself in place as you go through the different poses. If you don’t use these blankets, you may find your hands and feet slipping on the floor, making it difficult for you to hold each pose.

A lot of people who do restorative yoga like to use straps. These straps can help you hold your limbs in certain positions without getting tired. You will also need to get a few yoga blocks or yoga bolsters to elevate certain parts of the body, depending on the pose you hold.

Many people who perform restorative yoga also like to get an eye mask or eye pillow they can place on top of their eyes. You will spend a significant amount of time lying face up in different positions, and having an eye mask can make it easier for you to focus on your position without getting blinded by the lights. 

The Top Benefits Of Restorative Yoga

Is restorative yoga for beginners
Many people who perform restorative yoga also find that they can sleep better at night

There are several significant benefits you will enjoy if you perform restorative yoga. They include:

  • Dissipate Lactic Acid: Because you will hold the poses for an extended amount of time, you will allow your muscles to stretch out. This makes it easier for you to get rid of lactic acid in the body, which could reduce feelings of soreness.
  • Better Sleep Quality: Many people who perform restorative yoga also find that they can sleep better at night. The poses make it very easy to relax, and you might even find yourself on the edge of sleep during the session. 
  • Improved Digestion: This type of yoga is also recommended for people with digestion issues. Restorative yoga targets the parasympathetic system, which also plays a role in your digestive system. It could make it easier for your body to digest your food, which could help with GI issues, but you should consider seeing a doctor if you have digestive problems.

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A Few Restorative Yoga Poses

There are several poses that people frequently perform in restorative yoga. Before you try these poses for the first time, you should work with a yoga instructor in a yoga class to ensure you do them correctly. Some of the most common poses include:

  • A supported child’s pose
  • A supported gentle bridge pose
  • Holding your legs up on the wall

All of these poses target different areas of the body, and if you want to get the most out of them, consider looking for some classes in the local area.