Can You Run In Yeezys? 4 Popular Models To Try

You might want to run in a pair of shoes you already own, so can you run in Yeezys?

The Yeezy line from Adidas has been turning a lot of heads with its eye-catching architecture and modern style. However, many people want to know if it makes for a good running shoe. The answer is it depends on which version you’re talking about.

Four popular models are the Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy Boost 380, Yeezy 500, and Yeezy 700.

Yeezy 350

The Yeezy 350 has two things going for it as a running shoe, it has a comfortable fit and cushioned insole, and that’s it.

Otherwise, the fabric is not the best for running and has positively zero ankle support — an essential feature in a pair of running shoes.

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Yeezy 380

Taking a look at the Yeezy Boost 380, it has a few features that could make it a decent running shoe, such as more space in the toe box, good heel support, and a comfortable prime knit upper.

However, they will not be the best choice since they are too heavy and not structured for comfortable running. These shoes are better suited for wearing for special occasions.

can you run in yeezys
Yeezy 380 is better suited for wearing on special occasions

Yeezy 500

When it comes to the Yeezy 500, they do have a few good running shoe qualities, such as being flexible, better structural integrity, and the adiPren sole for better comfort.

But, like the 350, these are too heavy and bulky to take on runs. Your feet will feel fatigued after running only a short distance.

Yeezy 700

When it comes to the Yeezy 700, this design was initially supposed to be a running shoe. It’s designed for sustainability and comfort with a firm but flexible upper along with a combination of different materials such as leather, mesh, and suede.

The midsole design is very responsive and flexible, featuring Adidas trademark boost technology with complete heel support. It has a very comfortable heel collar and padded tongue, making it all in all a pretty comfortable ride for runners.

In all, the Yeezy 700 could be the ideal running shoe. However, there are much better options for the same price or less.

Yeezy Foam Runner

You may also be wondering about the Yeezy Foam Runner. I would not recommend trying to run in those things.

They look cool, but they are better as casual walking shoes as the simple foam material tends to squish with every step you take. They are little more than high-end crocs and offer none of the features you would need in a running shoe.

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Features To Look For In Running Shoes

Traditionally, most shoe companies made their uppers using layers of mesh and fabrics glued and sewn together. However, today’s more modern shoes are increasingly using 3D printing and knitting to craft one-piece seamless fits that are stretchy while still supporting the right places. The final product should feel smooth at every place on the foot it touches without chafing, bunching, or binding anywhere.

The next part is the ankle collar which comprises the wrap located at the shoe opening that keeps the heel in place. Several shoes offer thick padding, while others may concentrate more on the structure that cradles the ankle bone. You want to pay close attention to see if your heel slips, how the padding feels corresponds with your ankle bones, and whether your Achilles tendon feels any irritation from the curve on the back.

Woman tying up her running shoes
The saddle must be arch to help laces hold your shoe securely

The part that supports and cradles your heel is a layered semi-rigid cup called the heel counter. A few shoes offer an external heel wrap which accomplishes a similar goal, while more minimalist designs eliminate the heel counter allowing full freedom of movement.

According to research, the heel counters do not assist with motion control. However, they do help center your heel providing stable support and landings. Always go with a heel that gives you the most comfortable range of ankle motion. 

The saddle is an area reinforced around the area between the ankle and ball of the foot, called the arch or instep, and works with the laces to help hold your shoe securely on your foot. Over the years, developers have devised a variety of eyelets, overlays, and lacing systems to help mold footwear closer to any foot shape. A good running shoe should feel secure with no slippage while allowing your arch to dome naturally during your side.