Best Yoga Videos on YouTube – 8 YouTube Channels We Recommend

For those who love yoga, getting into a daily routine is not only enjoyable it is something to look forward to. Those who enjoy their yoga practice, they want to roll out the mat and make sure to enjoy their yoga workout on a consistent daily basis even if only for short periods of time.
If you are one of those people and enjoy some time in the yoga studio every day, it can be difficult when there are reasons you can’t get to the studio. Maybe it is a day where life is too busy, you are ill or the instructor is not available. Whatever the reason, there are always going to be times that stop you from doing your full studio routine.
No matter the reason that you can’t get to the studio, some great options allowingyouto do yoga in your home. There are YouTube channels thathave some professional options to keep you going even when you are on your own.
YouTube offersfree yoga classes, tutorials as well as videos about all types of yoga. There is a lot of good information and sessions to be found. You can go froma five-minute quick vinyasa flow to ones that are long, entrancing and meditative sessions. You can find lots of yoga support online when you are looking to maintain good feelings in your mind, body and soul.

5 Yoga Poses for Men – Guys Are You Practicing These?

Think you’re too manly for yoga? Guess again! Not only are you already practicing yoga without realizing it but it can also have far more benefits than you realize – and these benefits far outweigh whether or not you think yoga isn’t manly enough.
Any time you stretch or you see how long you can hold a plank without collapsing in a heap on the floor, you are doing yoga. There are a ton of benefits to yoga for men that you probably don’t realize. We’re going to cover these today as well as five poses that you should be practicing to build strength, boost your mood, and prevent injuries. Sound good?

Back Strengthening Yoga: 4 Steps for Building a Strong Back

Having a strong back is important. Not only is it essential for day to day comfort but having a strong and flexible back helps maintain good health. Even if you are not currently experiencing back pain, there are so many ways that it can develop due to bad habits. You may have a job where you are hunched over a computer screen all day, not realizing that your poor posture can have an adverse effect on your back in the future.
So, what’s the best way to build a strong back? By doing yoga, of course! With simple at-home yoga practice, you can be on your way to reducing or preventing back pain altogether. And if you don’t, these asanas help build your back up so back stress will hopefully never be a problem.

Yoga for Weightlifters: 7 Poses for Increased Range of Motion

Are you a weightlifter looking to increase your range of motion? Look no further than yoga! While most weightlifters know that stretching is essential to warming up your muscles and preventing injury, they don’t always realize how much yoga can benefit them. By practicing yoga, you’re able to multitask, stretching many different muscle groups at once rather than the simple, targeted stretches that you’re used to doing.
The following seven poses are excellent for improving your range of motion as a weightlifter and can also prevent injury, improve muscle strength, enhance physical performance, and improve fitness. Try these poses a minimum of twice a week to bring your warm-up stretches to the next level and reap the results.

Hot Yoga Clothing – What to Wear to Hot Yoga So You Don’t Overheat

So, you decided to give hot yoga a try, thinking you knew what you were getting yourself into. Hot yoga is really only regular yoga with the temperature turned up a few degrees, right? Right?
Wrong! If that’s how you felt, you probably left your first session completely baffled not only about the intensity but also the sheer heat of it all. Did you know that the temperature of hot yoga is meant to mimic the temperature and humidity of India itself?
The main issue that some people new to hot yoga have is that they’re not prepared clothing-wise. If you went into your first session in cotton leggings and a long-sleeved tee, it probably didn’t take you long to regret that decision.

Yoga for Balance and Stability: 8 Yoga Poses for Seniors

Are you considered a senior and looking to start your yoga journey? Maybe you don’t have an interest in yoga specifically but are looking for ways to improve your balance and live a healthier lifestyle. Well, look no further! We’re going to take a look at eight yoga poses for balance and stability which happen to be perfect for seniors. These poses can be done one at a time or in a sequence and can basically be done anywhere, at any time. We’re also going to show you how you can modify these poses to suit physical limitations due to illness or injury. Let’s get to it!

Yoga Poses for Strength: 6 Asanas For a Stronger, More Powerful You

Did you know that a lot of athletes practice yoga as a way to build strength and flexibility? While you may be wondering why athletes would hit the mat to improve their game, there is great benefit in practicing yoga for strength. We’re going to show you why even major athletes turn to yoga to build strength as well as six asanas you can do at home for a stronger, more powerful you.

10 Flexibility Yoga Poses: Asanas to Make You More Flexible

Improving flexibility is one of the top reasons to do yoga and definitely one of the biggest benefits. Many who are not naturally flexible tend to shy away from the idea of starting a yoga practice thinking that you need to begin with some degree of flexibility. Although it is helpful when sinking further into asanas, being flexible is not a prerequisite to getting into yoga – it’s the result. Just because a fellow yogi can touch their toes or bring their nose to their knee does not mean that they have something over you. By practicing the following 10 yoga poses, you’ll increase your flexibility.

How Often to Do Yoga? The Yoga Fine Print

If you’ve recently decided to make yoga a regular part of your life, that’s fantastic news! Yoga has a ton of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits that can not be replicated in any other form of exercise. Now that you’ve made this decision, though, you might be a little confused about how often you should be practicing. Is there such a thing as too much or too little yoga? You might be wondering if you even benefit from practicing yoga once in a while or if you need to be getting your asanas on every day to reap the benefits.
What’s important to keep in mind is that yoga is not the same as a regular workout. Yoga focuses on the connection between body and mind and goes far beyond getting that lean yogi body you’ve always wanted. We’re going to look at the reasons why you should make yoga a regular part of your life and whether or not you should be practicing every day.