5 Essential Yoga Tools for Beginners – Elevate Your Practice

One of the greatest things about yoga is you don’t need a lot of gear and equipment to get started. You can get started on your yoga journey with just a few basic things. But once you have the moves down and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, there are five essential tools worth investing in. Let’s take a closer look at these yoga tools as well as some of the best products out there.

10 Minute Yoga Stretch in the Morning – Super Start to the Day

Yoga has been shown time and time again to transform both the body and mind. What better way to start your day! Are you looking for a quick and effective 10 minute yoga stretch routine to get your day off on the right foot? Here’s a great morning stretch sequence to help you get into the habit of doing yoga every day.

11 Best Yoga Books for Beginners to Uplift Your Mind and Spirit

If you’re just getting interested in yoga or are heading back to it after some time away, there are some good yoga books for beginners that can help you along your journey. These books talk about the physical side of yoga but they each tackle the mind and body connection in a unique way.
Westerners tend to understand that yoga is great for the body but some have a hard time getting into the mental and spiritual side of it. If you’re having a hard time with this aspect of yoga, these books explore how to get there. Some focus on personal anecdotes and the way that yoga has drastically improved the authors’ lives while others cover poses, sequences, and meditation techniques to get you centered.

30 Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners – Yoga Challenge Poses

If you need help getting on track with your yoga practice or if you’re a beginner looking for a good way to start a successful yoga routine, a 30-day yoga challenge for beginners is a great way to jump in. Not only do you learn a lot of poses but you’re also building good habits with daily practice.
Looking for some poses for your 30-day yoga challenge? Here are nine of our favorite beginner poses:

Hot Yoga While Pregnant: Can You Do It During Your Pregnancy?

You likely already know the benefits of hot yoga. In addition to being an intense workout, it’s also great for your cardiovascular health and can help with feelings of anxiety and depression. If you’re pregnant, your doctor or midwife will tell you that maintaining some sort of exercise routine is recommended but what do you do if your regular routine includes hot yoga? Can you do hot yoga while pregnant?

How to Make Your DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

Cleaning your yoga mat is essential to keeping it fresh and germ-free. Think about it, yoga mats collect a lot of dirt, grease, oil, and grime. You’re walking all over them, sweating all over them, and using them multiple times a week during your yoga practice. One of the most effective things you can do to prevent it from getting too gross between regular washings is to use a DIY yoga mat cleaner after every yoga session.

There are some great yoga mat sprays available but making your own spray is easy and affordable. Plus, you can add your favorite essential oils so it has your favorite scent. Let’s take a look at how to make your own DIY yoga mat cleaner and how often you should clean your yoga mat for the best and most sanitary results.