Hot Yoga Clothing – What to Wear to Hot Yoga So You Don’t Overheat

Hot yoga clothing

So, you decided to give hot yoga a try, thinking you knew what you were getting yourself into. Hot yoga is really only regular yoga with the temperature turned up a few degrees, right? Right?
Wrong! If that’s how you felt, you probably left your first session completely baffled not only about the intensity but also the sheer heat of it all. Did you know that the temperature of hot yoga is meant to mimic the temperature and humidity of India itself?
The main issue that some people new to hot yoga have is that they’re not prepared clothing-wise. If you went into your first session in cotton leggings and a long-sleeved tee, it probably didn’t take you long to regret that decision.

Yoga for Balance and Stability: 8 Yoga Poses for Seniors

Yoga Poses for Seniors

Are you considered a senior and looking to start your yoga journey? Maybe you don’t have an interest in yoga specifically but are looking for ways to improve your balance and live a healthier lifestyle. Well, look no further! We’re going to take a look at eight yoga poses for balance and stability which happen to be perfect for seniors. These poses can be done one at a time or in a sequence and can basically be done anywhere, at any time. We’re also going to show you how you can modify these poses to suit physical limitations due to illness or injury. Let’s get to it!

Yoga Poses for Strength: 6 Asanas For a Stronger, More Powerful You

Yoga poses for strength

Did you know that a lot of athletes practice yoga as a way to build strength and flexibility? While you may be wondering why athletes would hit the mat to improve their game, there is great benefit in practicing yoga for strength. We’re going to show you why even major athletes turn to yoga to build strength as well as six asanas you can do at home for a stronger, more powerful you.