When to Use a Theragun: 7 Top Ideas

When to use a Theragun?

Discover when to use a Theragun and what to expect from it in this article.

Several months ago, I purchased a Theragun massage gun after my cheap massage gun broke. It’s proved a game changer for preparing for strenuous workouts and also for recoveries afterwards. What’s more, the Theragun is quick and easy to use. 

In an interview, creator Dr Jason Wesland explained you only need to use a Theragun for two minutes to reap the benefits. I used the Theragun for two to four minutes a day, twice daily. 

In this article, I’ll give you some ideas for when to use your Theragun so you can get more value from this admittedly pricey massage gun.

1. For a Warm-up Routine

When to use a Theragun: For a warm-up routine
The Theragun is a good tool for warming up before your workout instead of stretching

Health and fitness advisors recommend stretching before strenuous workouts like a yoga session, run, or even the gym. However, let’s face this, while stretching is essential, it’s also time-consuming and tedious. If you’re like me, it’s easy to skip a ten-minute stretching routine and dive straight into a workout. 

The Theragun is a good tool for warming up before your workout instead of stretching. You can use the Theragun on the muscle group you’re planning on exercising for 60 to 120 seconds, and it will wake up or activate the muscles. Then you can get straight into your workout quicker.

2. After a Hard Workout

The Theragun works best after a strenuous workout, like a tempo run, weight, or hot yoga session. It’s designed to support and enable recovery. 

These days, when I complete a five or 10-mile tempo run or a long run, I have a hot and cold shower, and then I use the Theragun for several minutes on my quads, glutes, thighs, and calves. I’m less sore the next day as a result.

The Theragun paired nicely with recovery sandals, which I put on my feet afterwards. All of this means my feet are less sore after a hard run. To learn more, read our Hoka Recovery Slides review.

3. In the Mornings

Have you ever woken up and found that your back is aching, or you feel stiff and lacking energy? An early morning yoga session is a great way to wake up, as is an early morning run, but that’s not always possible with work, the weather and life. 

If you’re short on time, you could use the Theragun for 60 to 120 seconds on your lower back, legs, and arms to wake yourself up and ease those sores and aches before going on with your day.

4. Before Bedtime

If you find it hard to sleep, the Theragun can help you relax too. Thanks to the unusual grip, you can hold the Theragun at a vertical angle and reach difficult but tense muscles around the shoulders, neck and upper back.

I use the Theragun on these tense and affected muscle groups before bedtime, which helps me relax and unwind more easily. If you use a Theragun before bed, select the lower setting, so you’re relaxing rather than stimulating the muscle groups.

5. For RSI

The Theragun works to relieve tension that comes with repetitive strain injury or RSI. I spend a lot of time typing and using a mouse. If I’ve worked for more than several hours in one position, I often get RSI on my right-hand side. When this happens, I run the Theragun up and down my arms, shoulder, and back. I find that this often relieves tension and mitigates RSI.

6. For The DOMS

The DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness is indicative that you completed a hard training session. For example, a runner who runs several miles at a marathon pace may find their hamstrings sore the next day. Similarly, if you bench heavily in the gym, your arms may ache the next day. 

DOMS is particularly prevalent if you haven’t exercised the muscle group for several days or if you push beyond your normal working limits. It’s not much fun if it delays you from working out again or complicates your daily routine. You can relieve DOMS with ice and with a Theragun.

I regularly use my Theragun on my calves and gluteus after a squat session. Select the lowest setting and run the Theragun over the affected muscle group. It should speed up blood flow and thus recovery.

7. When You’re Bored

Theragun app
Theragun offers a dedicated app full of various routines for different types of workouts, ailments and treatments

The Theragun is a fun tool because, unlike a massage gun, it’s a gadget you can play with and enjoy in short bursts. 

Theragun offers a dedicated app full of various routines for different types of workouts, ailments and treatments. You can download this app to your Android or iOS device and work through various recommendations for massaging and working out your affected muscle groups. This is good for getting inspiration and figuring out how to fit a Theragun into your busy day or workout regime. 

The Final Word on When to Use a Theragun

The Theragun is far from the cheapest massage god out there, but it’s also one of the most effective. That’s because you can reap the benefits of the Theragun in approximately 120 seconds of use, once or twice daily. 

The battery lasts hours longer than cheaper massage guns, and it’s a durable and well-built product. Thanks to its three-sided grip, it also enables users to massage hard-to-reach areas. In short, the possibilities for using the Theragun are almost limitless. 

That said, be careful using the Theragun on strains, inflammations, and other injuries. It’s not designed to work on those types of ailments. Similarly, best not to use the Theragun on your head or genitals unless you fancy experiencing some unnecessary pain!