Top 5 Creative Online Yoga Business Ideas

Top online yoga business ideas

Making it as an independent yoga teacher is challenging. These yoga business ideas can help you augment your income.

Even in good times, it can be hard to keep your income consistent as a yoga teacher. When world events turn everything upside down, it gets even tougher. Having some yoga business ideas to augment your income is a way to keep doing what you love while staying financially stable.

When I first started working for myself, I knew that I’d have to cultivate multiple streams of income to keep on top of all my commitments. And, it hasn’t just helped keep a steady income. The variety keeps me creative and engaged.

These yoga business ideas can provide new income streams, as well as offering new opportunities to express yourself and learn new skills.

1. Enhance Your Yoga Business by Teaching Yoga Online

Yoga business ideas
Online teaching means that you can reach students in their own homes at times that work best for them

Teaching yoga online gives you the chance to expand your reach beyond your local community and the times you are at the yoga studio. Online teaching means that you can reach students in their own homes at times that work best for them.

There are several different paths available for yoga teachers who want to transition to teaching online. You can join an established online yoga studio. You can create your own online classes. You can also teach one-on-one over Skype or Zoom. 

2. Create A Yoga YouTube Channel

Do you have a flair for social media and a talent for video? If you already find that people like, comment on and reshare your content, you can monetize your skills.

To become a successful YouTuber, you’ll need to produce high quality content on a regular basis. Good equipment like a high-end mic for instructional voice-overs and professional lighting is a must.

Post videos regularly, and check in with Q&As on YouTube Live in between. Once you have a strong following, you can become eligible for YouTube’s partner program. You can collaborate with brands to promote their products and services.

Many YouTube stars pair their video channels with other efforts like teaching online. Adding these yoga business ideas to one another increases the power of both. People who watch your videos may decide to join you for a class, buy accessories you promote or subscribe to your newsletter. 

3. Sell Yoga Accessories Online

Your experience as a yoga teacher can help guide you in choosing the items that will offer real value to your students and customers

While you can do yoga with nothing but the body you were born in, some carefully chosen accessories can enhance the experience. Platforms like Shopify make it easy to create an online shop with little or no coding knowledge.

Some shops follow a drop-shipping model, where you purchase items that the manufacturer sends directly to your customers. Others work with crafters and designers to sell bespoke yoga accessories that are unique to your shop.

Think about the yoga accessories that have been most valuable to you. Your experience as a yoga teacher can help guide you in choosing the items that will offer real value to your students and customers. 

4. Create Yoga And Mindfulness Journals And Planners

Most people who are interested in yoga develop a strong mindfulness practice, as well. You can offer tools that will enhance their efforts. Physical journals can be customized with quotes, reminders and suggested exercises.

You can also create digital planners that your students can download and fill out on their own. One of the perks of digital products is that, once you have them uploaded, they are a passive business. Your wellness materials are there waiting for your customers to find them.

Many people who create tools like these sell through online vendors like Etsy or Amazon. It is quick and easy to set up a shop and start earning passive income with the skills you have developed as a yoga teacher. 

5. Create A Yoga Newsletter

There are more paths than ever before to make money through online newsletters. Your newsletter can be profitable with even a relatively small supply of readers if you create it as a paid subscription. Platforms like Patreon and Substack both give options for billing readers weekly, monthly or by the issue.

Your newsletter can cover a range of tops that are of interest to your readers. You can discuss the best asanas for different fitness goals. Interview teachers and practitioners who have ideas that can help expand your readers’ understanding. Provide recipes for healthy meals that can enhance your health. Review yoga accessories and online yoga classes.

The content of your yoga newsletter is limited only by your own curiosity. If you want, you can even write a newsletter where you share yoga business ideas with other yoga teachers and studios. 

The Final Word on Yoga Business Ideas

When it comes to yoga business ideas, you are only limited by your own creativity. Passionate practitioners can add a wealth of revenue streams by leveraging the things that they already know. Consider pursuing more than one sideline to get the most traction.

For instance, a yoga newsletter can complement an online yoga class. A yoga influencer can also run a successful yoga accessory store. Each channel enhances the effectiveness of the others.

FAQs About Yoga Business Ideas

How do you start an online yoga business?

The answer to this question will depend on which path you wish to pursue. Often, the best way to start is by examining what other people in your niche are doing.

What is the best yoga business idea for beginners?

Start with what you already know. If you have photography or video skills, you can do well with a yoga video channel. Someone with a writing background can create a blog or newsletter.