Yoga for Bloating – Reduce Belly Bloat with 3 Easy Yoga Moves

Yoga for bloating isn’t a sexy topic.

Still, bloating is one of those physical discomforts that can go from simple irritation to serious pain. The term bloating almost speaks for itself.

Gas or bubbles in your abdomen make it feel bigger than it actually is. Practicing a series of yoga poses can relieve your discomfort and wishes that you had not eaten what triggered the response.

When feeling digestive discomfort from bloating, you can take medicines specifically designed to target excess gas and bloating with an ingredient called simethicone. This product stops the buildup of gases within the stomach and intestine and reduces foaming. These medicines are easy to find for purchase and often chewable.

For those who are not keen on taking medicine, yoga for bloating can help you address the discomfort. Mild physical activity can help reduce gas in the intestine and relieve bloating discomfort. Doing a series of simple yoga poses benefits beginners and accomplished yoga practitioners.

Yoga postures are helpful because they can put pressure on your internal organs, which will help eliminate the symptoms of bloating. Yoga is also known to reduce stress and help us pay attention to our bodies. These benefits help a person understand why their body is not feeling well and then improve it.

Here are three simple yoga poses to help reduce the symptoms of bloating and potentially help them dissipate altogether. Make sure to breathe, take your time and never cause yourself further discomfort or pain by pushing too hard in the poses you are doing.

Yoga for Bloating

1. Wind-Relieving Pose (Apanasana)

A pose to alleviate wind

The benefit of this pose is that when you bring your knees to your chest, pressure is exerted on your abdomen, and that can help reduce the discomfort from excess gas.

  • Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms by your sides. 
  • Bend your right knee up and pull it up to your chest. Wrap your hands or arms around the knee while you press your shoulders, neck and back into the floor. 
  • Remember to breathe, and as you breathe out, bring your forehead to your right knee. Hold this position for 3-to-5 breaths, then as you exhale gently, let the knee go and bring your head back down. 
  • Repeat this process with the opposite side. 

2. Reclined or Seated Twist (Matseyendra)

The Reclined twist, pictured at the top of this article, will massage your internal abdominal organs, allowing the bloat to be reduced and eliminated.

  • Kneel on the floor with your bottom sitting on your feet. 
  • Shift the weight of your body so you lift your glutes and move to the right side. You should be sitting on the mat with your legs on the left side.
  • Lift and move your left leg so the foot is on the outside of your right knee. You will probably need to use your hands to move into this position. 
  • Once your legs are in place, hold both arms out to the sides and twist your torso left. 
  • Place your extended right arm to the outside of the left leg. Hold this pose for 3-to-5 breaths then gently relax and repeat with the opposite side. 

3. Bridge Pose (Sarvangasana )

The simple yet effective Bridge Pose

This is a great, simple pose to relieve bloating. The Bridge pose helps take the pressure off of your back and abdomen while also stretching your thigh muscles and abs. It can be a great help in reducing stomach bloat and make you feel better as the discomfort is reduced.

  • Lie on your back. 
  • Bend your knees and put your feet 6-to-8 inches in front of your bottom. Keep your arms down by your sides. 
  • Make sure your glutes and whole core remain tight while you practice this yoga pose. 
  • Push through your heels and lift up your glutes, hips and back from the floor so you have a gap between your back and the floor with only your feet, shoulders and head on the mat. Hold for 3-to-5 breaths, then relax and slowly go back to a lying position. 
  • Repeat as is comfortable.

Final Thoughts on Yoga for Bloating

Yoga is perfect to help the body relax, massage internal organs and reduce the bloated feeling you can get after eating a meal or downing a drink. Managing internal stress and food intake can prevent bloating, but yoga can reduce the symptoms.

Knowing a series of poses that will help eliminate that bloated feeling quickly is helpful when trying to relieve discomfort and feel well again.