10 Minute Yoga Stretch in the Morning – Super Start to the Day

Do you want to learn a ten minute yoga stretch?

Yoga has been shown time and time again to transform both the body and mind. What better way to start your day!

Are you looking for a quick and effective 10 minute yoga stretch routine to get your day off on the right foot?

Here’s a great morning stretch sequence to help you get into the habit of doing yoga every day.

1. Child’s Pose

This is a great place to start since you’ve just gotten out of bed and might need to wake up a bit. Child’s Pose is a resting position that loosens up your muscles and joints, preparing you for the rest of your routine. It has many other benefits, too, like aiding digestion and helping your relax and center. Hold this pose for at least three minutes. If you have a little extra time in the morning, go up to five minutes.

2. Mountain Pose

Next, move into Mountain Pose. This is another great way to warm up your body as it stretches your entire spine. Believe it or not, doing Mountain Pose every morning can help improve your posture throughout the day. Hold this pose for about a minute, concentrating on your breathing and keeping your spine in alignment.

3. Downward Dog

Downward Dog is a common yoga pose so it’s no surprise that it made it into our 10 minute yoga routine. It has a lot of benefits, too. Not only does it help improve circulation and loosen up your muscles, but it can also improve bone density if practiced regularly.

This is a great pose if you wake up in the morning with back pain, too, as it can alleviate soreness and discomfort in the back and hips. When doing Downward Dog, remember to keep your core engaged to maintain the proper form. Hold this pose for a minute or so.

4. Cat-Cow Pose

Cat-Cow pose really opens up the entire spine.

Here’s another way to stretch your back and loosen up in the morning. Cat-Cow pose really opens up the entire spine and it’s easy to transition into from Downward Dog. Get down on your hands and knees then look up at the ceiling, dropping you back as your inhale. Then, exhale, turning your head down to look toward your navel while arching your back as far as you can. Repeat this motion for one to two minutes.

4. Standing Forward Bend

Another great pose for back pain is the Standing Forward Bend. This is a simple pose that’s all about the back. Keep the feet a shoulder-width apart and place the body in a deep bend, essentially folding yourself in half and reaching for the ground. This pose also stretches the hamstrings and can help relieve stress and keep you focused on the spiritual side of yoga. Hold it for a minute or so.

5. Warrior I

This is the basic Warrior pose, great for when you’re just waking up or if you’re a beginner. If you’re a little more advanced, substitute a related Warrior pose if you want to take your morning yoga session up a notch. Some variations are quite intense and can help you get your heart pumping. Be mindful of your pelvis, being sure to tilt it properly instead of tucking in your tailbone.

6. Tree Pose

As you reach the end of your yoga stretch routine, it’s a good idea to focus on the spiritual side so you’re prepared to start your busy day. Tree pose is a simple standing pose that requires you to clear your mind and focus on balance. The sole of one foot is placed in the inner thigh of the opposite leg while the hands are held in a praying position in front of you. Hold for about a minute then switch to the other leg and repeat.

Why Do Morning Yoga?

Good Morning!

If you usually do yoga at a different time of day, consider switching it up or adding another workout in the morning. There are some significant benefits to doing a 10 minute yoga stretch routine in the morning, including:

It starts your day off right.

Some yoga poses help calm you while others are invigorating. Working a mix of these poses into your morning helps you start your day off energized and centered. It’s a great way to wake up your body and mind after a night of sleep and to mentally prepare for work, school, or whatever stressful thing you’re facing.

It helps you build a habit.

Doing a yoga routine first thing in the morning ensures that you’ll make time in your day to do it. Habits are hard to establish but, once you do, they’re hard to break. Focus on doing a simple yoga routine at the same time every morning. If you stick to it every day, eventually, it will become second nature.

A quick session is perfect to start the day.

Setting aside 10 minutes every morning for yoga isn’t that hard. You can set your alarm ten minutes early to fit it in or make some other adjustments to your routine. Really – how hard is it to find 10 minutes? The time investment is worth it. You’ll feel awake, alive, and rejuvenated before you even leave the house.

Final Thoughts on 10 Minute Yoga Routine: It’s A Super Start to Your Day!           

A simple 10 minute yoga routine first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do to start your day off on the right foot. It helps you loosen up after a long night in bed, gets your blood flowing, and your brain centered.

The first few days, it might be a little hard to make yourself do it but stick to it! Eventually, you’ll build a new habit that leaves you feeling energized and focuses. Soon, you won’t remember what life was like before your 10 minute yoga stretch to start your day.