7 Best Hot Yoga Mats, According to 7 Top Teachers Around the World

As you might have guessed, hot yoga is, well, hot. Hot yoga studios reach as high as 104 degrees with humidity as high as 40 percent. So, you’re going to sweat. A lot. That’s why it’s so important to use the best hot yoga mats around.

How to Choose a Hot Yoga Mat

There are some key things to look for when choosing a hot yoga mat, including:

Basic Qualities

Most high-quality yoga mats will work for hot yoga as long as they’re thick enough to provide support to your joints. That said, low-quality yoga mats are not recommended. They often fall apart after a few months or weeks anyway and hot yoga usually accelerates the process.


It’s always good to have a non-slip yoga mat but this is especially true for hot yoga. Remember, you’re going to sweat – a lot – which means your yoga mat is going to get wet. By using one with a non-slip surface, you ensure that you’ll maintain good grip and balance, even during the most intense workouts.

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An absorbent top layer soaks up the moisture generated during a hot yoga workout so it doesn’t sit and accumulate on the surface. You may also want to consider getting a yoga mat with a yoga towel included for additional absorbency.

Weight and Travel

If you’re planning to take your yoga mat with you while you travel or if you visit multiple studios throughout the week, getting a lightweight mat that’s easy to carry is a good choice.

The 7 Best Hot Yoga Mats

Let’s take a look at seven of the best hot yoga mats available:

1. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

One of the reasons this mat is perfect for hot yoga is the polyurethane top layer. It has a strong grip and absorbs moisture and sweat so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding no matter how hot it gets. It’s the ideal combination of stability and cushioning at 5mm thick and there are five different colors to choose from.

This lightweight, durable mat weighs only 2.5 pounds and is great for traveling. The material won’t flake, stretch, or fall apart. Plus, it’s 100 percent eco-friendly, PVC and latex-free, and made out of biodegradable material from sustainably harvested rubber trees.

2. Peace Yoga Microfiber Top Hot Yoga Mat

What’s special about this mat is that the surface is extremely grippy – but only when you get sweaty. The wetter it gets, the better the grip is. For best results, spray the microfiber surface with a bit of water before you get started. As the mat absorbs more moisture from the humidity of the room and your sweat, the grip gets stronger.

This sticky mat is a little heavier than other options but its extreme performance is more than worth the extra weight. Another notable thing about it is just how beautiful the designs are. There are three to choose from and each is eye-catching and simply stunning. Note that this is a hot yoga mat, because of its special design, it’s not a good choice for regular yoga classes.

3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade Harmony mat is made of natural rubber, therefore it has a much stronger grip than a lot of other mats on the market that are made from synthetic material. It’s 3/16-inch thick and features an open-cell surface that provides the right balance of cushioning and traction.

These mats are also American-made which means Jade Yoga has complete control over the materials they source and the production process. This rubber mat comes in  multiple lengths and 10 colors, including plain black and a variety of bright, eye-catching shades.

4. Aurorae Classic

The Aurorae Classic yoga mat is a generous size at 72-inches long, 24-inches wide, and 1.4-inch thick. It’s made of durable, lightweight, eco-friendly Portuguese cork and natural rubber and contains no phenols, phthalates, latex, or silicone.

This cork yoga mat comes with a small bag of rosin, a powdery substance that helps you get an even better grip on the mat when you need it. Detailed care instructions are also included so you can be sure to get as much out of this mat as possible. There are 14 different styles to choose from, including beautiful designs, plain colors, and bright and bold hues.

5. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

One of the most original designs for hot yoga mats is this one from Liforme. It uses the AlignForMe system that consists of markers on the mat to help you figure out where your hands and feet should go as you work through your hot yoga routine without being too intrusive or getting in the way.

The dimensions of the Lifeorme yoga mat are pretty generous. It’s longer and wider than most yoga mats, making it a good fit for just about anyone. It has an exceptional grip and is made using body-kind eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable and PVC free. A yoga bag is included.

6. Yoga Zeal Yoga Mats

If you’re searching for a hot yoga mat that’s both practical and beautiful, a Yoga Zeal yoga mat might be just what you’re looking for. These mats are made from natural tree rubber with an ultra-absorbent faux suede towel layer fused to the top. They deliver cushioning comfort and exceptional grip.

One of the great things about this mat is that it’s machine washable. Use cold water on a delicate cycle and hand dry. This is perfect for after hot yoga after its absorbed sweat and humidity.

7. ZURA Eco-Friendly Combo Yoga Mat

Another great choice for a hot yoga mat is this combo option from ZURA. It has an all-natural rubber bottom and a suede top that gets even grippier when wet. They recommend squirting it with a bit of water to activate it beforehand.

This mat is machine washable so it’s easy to clean after every sweaty class. Plus, it comes with a travel carrying strap and is covered by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Final Thoughts of the Best Yoga Matts

Choosing the best hot yoga mat helps you stay comfortable and balanced, no matter how much you sweat. It’s an essential piece of equipment to make the most out of your workout.

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