Are Yoga Pants Good For Running?

Are yoga pants good for running?

You might be asking, “are yoga pants good for running?” Yoga pants are good for running if you’re going a short distance in a fairly controlled environment.

Who doesn’t love yoga pants? I think I own at least six pairs, and they seem to be the best choice for just about everything I do in my life, so are yoga pants good for running? They’re stretchy enough to go to the gym; I certainly wear them to run on the treadmill, so while they’re good for short runs, they’re not for more serious runners. Let’s dig in.

Why Run In Yoga Pants?

Are yoga pants good for running?
Casual runners often can’t tell the difference between yoga pants and stretch pants

Originally, yoga pants were made of light, natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. They were fitted on the top but often closed with a drawstring waist. They had a flair at the hem, which allowed wearers to have plenty of movement for their feet and ankles but not so wide as to be tripped over.

Today, while you can certainly still find yoga pants that are made like this, it’s more likely that you’ll find a more modern style of yoga pants that aren’t very distinguishable from stretch pants. These pants are made of Lycra and often have moisture-wicking capability. The drawstring waist has been eliminated, and many styles don’t have the slightly flared hemline.

All yoga pants, however, should be designed to give the wearer a lot of freedom of movement. That means that they won’t get in the way of any yoga pose, but they are also a good choice when running. Casual runners often can’t tell the difference between yoga pants and stretch pants, and plenty of brands bill themselves as great for both activities.

The truth is that most runners can wear yoga pants to run. If they’re on a treadmill in a temperature-controlled gym or even outside on a warm day, these pants will do everything they need. They provide good flexibility, they won’t get caught or tripped over, and they provide enough coverage that runners won’t feel uncomfortable exercising around other people.

When To Switch

When to switch
Runners who want to explore national parks or go jogging on the beach will likely find that their yoga pants are not ideal

The problem comes when a runner wants to do something other than run on a treadmill or sidewalk. Running in rough terrain, extreme weather conditions, or even very long distances will require clothing other than yoga pants. You might also be wondering, can you run in jeans?

Yoga pants are designed to be worn in temperature-controlled studios. While there are brands that use advanced materials designed for hot yoga, these pants are not ideal for running in cold or extremely hot temperatures. If you’re looking to do more outdoor running throughout the year, it’s probably a good idea to invest in clothing that is designed for these environments.  

Runners who want to explore national parks or go jogging on the beach will likely find that their yoga pants are not ideal. These pants can trap sand, making them very uncomfortable. Yoga pants also tend to be made from more delicate materials, so wearing them to run through the woods or mud will most likely end up destroying the fabric. Again, if you’re interested in trying these things, look for something more durable and suited to the environment you’re running in.

In fact, just running long distances can cause small holes to appear in your yoga pants. While they are designed to stretch, they aren’t meant to be rapidly stretched and contracted over several hours. You might also be wondering, should running shorts be tight or loose?

FAQs On Are Yoga Pants Good For Running?

Which yoga pants are best for running?

Yoga pants that are similar to stretch pants or leggings are going to be the best choices. These pants will move with the runner and typically have some moisture-wicking capability.

Does color matter?

Color doesn’t really matter, although you want to make sure that the pants are not see-through. If you’re running at night, however, you may want to consider a lighter color so that you can be more easily seen.

What will happen if I use my yoga pants for running?

If you stay inside and stick to casual running, you likely will not have any problems. If you run in different terrains or over long distances, you will likely start to see the pants develop holes and wear out faster than you would otherwise.