Do Nike Trainers Stretch? 6 Tips

Do nike trainers stretch?

Nobody wants to spend good money on trainers that never feel comfortable. This is why people ask, “do Nike trainers stretch?” Learn the answer and much more.

When purchasing a new pair of trainers, most people want shoes that will make their feet feel better, but, as most of us know, there’s usually a breaking-in period with new shoes to get them just right. So, do Nike trainers stretch? You’ll be happy to know that, except for Nike’s performance-based trainers made with stiffer material, most of their trainers will loosen up as you wear them more. Let’s dig in.

How To Stretch Nike Trainers

Here are six helpful tips on stretching your Nike trainers faster than just wearing them.


Setting your blowdryer to medium heat, blow dry the trainers for 30 seconds

You’ll need a pair of thick socks, like wool, or wear several pairs of thinner socks and a hair dryer. Put socks on and fit your feet inside the shoes. They should feel extremely tight.

Setting your blowdryer to medium heat, blow dry the trainers for 30 seconds. Moving the dryer around is essential. Following 30 seconds, take a walk around to stretch the shoes out.

Repeat this process a few times or until your trainers feel more comfortable. You can use this method to stretch out most leather shoes. You can also use products like shoe moisturizer and leather conditioner after you finish to help protect the material from drying out after applying heat. You might be interested in our Nike vs. Hoka guide.


When water becomes solid upon freezing, it expands. Using this bit of science, you can use ice to help stretch your Nike trainers.

First, fill up ziplock bags until they’re nearly full of water (not complete, just three-quarters full). Place the water bags inside your trainers up to the top or into any tight spots. You can also adjust the amount of water in your bags depending on how much you want your trainers stretched out.

Put your trainers in the freezer overnight. Once the water in the bags freezes, your shoes will stretch out. This trick works best when using it on non-leather trainers.


Stretch your Nike trainers out using a potato. First, peel your potato and mold it into a shape that will fit inside your shoe up to the toe. Now dry the potato and wrap the vegetable in plastic wrap. Leave it in your shoe for several hours. 

Shoe Trees

Shoe trees
Put the shoe tree inside your Nike trainers and begin adjusting the length and width until you reach your ideal size

You can purchase an adjustable shoe tree to stretch out your Nike trainers. Put the shoe tree inside your Nike trainers and begin adjusting the length and width until you reach your ideal size. You want to turn the adjustment knob every 12 hours. Take the shoes off and try them out, returning them to the shoe tree if they continue feeling too tight. Shoe trees work well for people with bunions or wide feet.

Oats And Grains

Oats and grains are foods that expand when introduced to water. This trick is similar to using ice. Just fill a ziplock bag with oats or grains, then fill the bag with water until they’re covered.

Now put the bags inside your shoes and leave them in there overnight. As they absorb the water, the bag will stretch, thus stretching your sneakers. This technique isn’t as effective as ice, but it’s great when you need minor adjustments.

Homemade Sprays

Combine alcohol and water in equal parts inside a spray bottle. Shake it well. Spray our solution into the shoe, focusing on the areas you need to stretch. Check out our explainer on do you need running shoes for the treadmill.

Put on some socks and slip on the sprayed trainers. Walk around for 30 minutes. The alcohol will help stretch your trainers without damaging the material. This is great for materials such as suede, which tends to be more delicate.

Hire A Cobbler

Hire A Cobbler
You can hire a professional shoe cobbler to stretch your shoes for a fee

Finally, you can hire a professional shoe cobbler to stretch your shoes for a fee. They have special machinery and training to get the job done quicker than most methods mentioned above. These shops can repair wear and tear damage and even replace certain parts.

Problems Caused By Nike Trainers That Are Too Tight

You could experience quite a few issues when Nike trainers are too tight. Your shoes could cause your stride to become unstable, leading to more trips and injuries. You might be more prone to rolling your ankle or developing muscle cramps. Shoes that cut off circulation to your feet can make you miss steps, which leads to disaster.

A widespread problem with ill-fitting trainers is bunions, which can also cause bone deformities in your toes. Your toes can also lose cartilage, and tight shoes can compromise your foot’s overall bone structure. You might also be interested in our explainer on can running shoes go in the dryer.

FAQs On Do Nike Trainers Stretch?

How tight should nike trainers be?

Generally, there should be at least one finger’s width of space between the inside end of your trainers and your longest toe. One way to check is by slipping your finger between your shoe’s heel and your heel. You should have enough room between a finger to fit snugly without cutting off blood circulation.

How long does it take to break in nike trainers by wearing them?

It usually takes about three to four weeks to break in a pair of trainers by wearing them, provided you wear them for a few hours daily. The exact time depends mainly on the material and the size you purchase.