Are Yoga Studios Profitable?

If you want to open your own yoga studio, the biggest question you’ll have is, “are yoga studios profitable?” This guide should answer all your questions.

If you want to set up your own business, the first question you’ll have is, “are yoga studios profitable?” How much profit a yoga studio makes varies depending on how saturated your local market is and what kind of services you offer. On average, the profit margin of a yoga class hovers between 15% to 25%, or it can reach up to 80% for online classes.

To maximize profit, you need to find the best way to fill up your classes daily, nail down your brand image to increase your worth, offer merchandise, rent gear and space, offer training programs and workshops, as well as maintain a good rate of continuous membership subscription. This article will give you a heads-up before you start.

A Quick Rundown Into The Yoga Market

According to Allied Market Research, the yoga market size was valued at $37,462.5 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $66,226.4 million by 2027. North America is the leading market that contributes $16BN annually to yoga-related activities for Americans alone.

For yoga instructors, you can choose to offer an online yoga course, an in-person yoga class, or partner with a yoga accreditation training program. Amongst the three types, in-person classes accounted for the major yoga market share in 2019. However, online courses are expected to exhibit the highest CAGR of 12.3% during 2021-2027. The trend has surged from the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Understand Your Balance Sheet And How To Write It

To track the profitability of your yoga studio, jot down how many students have signed up for your classes each month, space utilization, pricing structure, revenue versus expenses split, and community engagement. That is when a balance sheet comes into play.

Depending on which type of yoga you’re teaching, the business plan can be big or small, complicated or simple. No matter what it is, don’t be one of those people who don’t know how to write it or forget it completely.

Are yoga studios profitable
How many students signed up for your classes each month

Once you fill out the balance sheet, you can see that it boils down to the final profit margin you expect to make in a month. On average, the margin will fluctuate around 15% to 25% for in-person yoga classes. If you’re running a niche market, then you’ll probably be happy with your net income. 

Online yoga businesses may have fewer expenses if they don’t need to pay rent or maintain a studio. Yoga studios require renovation and operation costs to keep the classes going, such as hot yoga. A hot yoga studio will require plenty of insulation. Check out our yoga studio business model.

Monthly Income

  • Number of weekly classes
  • Number of students
  • Average price per class or membership
  • Training and workshop
  • Space for rent
  • Expected income from merch
  • Private classes

Monthly Expenses

  • Studio lease
  • Salary for instructors and staff
  • Utility
  • Expenses related to learning, such as documents or equipment
  • Marketing
  • Tax
  • Maintenance costs

Value-Based Pricing Structure: The Best Way To Maximize Profitability

Making it easy for your students to attend the class and enjoy the experience is key to winning their hearts. As long as you have grown a loyal community of repeat students, it’s a lot easier to tap into other potential segments relating to your brand, such as offering training, workshops, merch, and renting out space.

Here are some of the things that will contribute to your plan:

  • Dedicate a decent dressing room for your students to get changed.
  • Start with a small schedule that’s flexible. Your students may also be as busy as you.
  • Learn to be comfortable with a small class of one or two students. It’s your chance to establish trust and connect with your students at the beginning when you start small.
  • Hire well-trained instructors. Think about your instructors as the products that you can nourish and cultivate. They need to value their students the way you do.
  • Value your marketing team. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire an in-house team, outsource a high-profile team.
Yoga instructor guiding a senior couple in a yoga class
Learn to be comfortable with a small class of one or two students

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