Top 4 Best Interval Running Apps to Fuel Your Workout

Interval training can be a great workout for those who are looking to boost endurance, lose weight, and add some variety to their everyday running workouts. To help you get started with interval running and get the most out of your workouts, you might want to consider downloading and using an interval running app on your smartphone. We look at 4 of the best in this article.

4 Best Interval Running App Options

man tracking his run
There are multiple options when it comes to tracking your running routine

These days, there is no shortage of both free and paid interval running app options to suit your needs. Whether you use an Android or Apple device, you can find most of these apps in both app stores for quick and easy download. Take some time to review the features of each app, then give one a try for your next run.

1. Ripit

On Android, this interval running app, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, features a user-friendly design that’s intuitive enough to figure out with a minimal learning curve.

This app is also designed with both beginners and advanced runners in mind, so you can find the program that’s best for you. During your run, you’ll enjoy a built-in timer that makes it easy to track your interval timings. Many runners also claim that this app has the best balance of intervals ranging from high intensity to more restful periods.

Like many running apps, Ripit also features a built-in GPS tracker that is quite accurate; it will also provide you with regular data graphs so you can keep track of your progress. Overall, this is a great interval training app for beginners, intermediates, and advanced runners alike.

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2. RunKeeper

If you’re looking for an interval running app that’s been around for years and is loaded with features, RunKeeper is worth a look. This app is also offered for both Android and Apple devices and comes with features that range from pre-set interval training programs to fully customizable workout plans.

On top of the “usual” features you’d expect to find in an interval running app (such as a distance/speed tracker and GPS capabilities), RunKeeper also boasts some features you may not find elsewhere. This includes:

RunKeeper also offers more of a social aspect than many other running apps on the market, making it possible to engage in virtual races and challenge your friends for added fun and motivation.

3. Sportractive

On Android, Sportractive is another excellent app to consider if you’re into interval running. This app supports workouts for all types of running, but it is known for its wide selection of intense interval workouts targeted at weight loss.

What many runners enjoy most about this app is the ability to personalize your workouts to your exact needs. This means it takes into account your BMI, body fat measurements, speed, and other metrics to help you get the most of each workout. And for an added boost of motivation, Sportractive also comes with an audible coach to push you even farther.

With more than 25 indoor and outdoor training programs to choose from, this app is a great choice not just for interval runners, but for power-walkers and cyclers as well. And with plenty of stretching exercises to accompany your workouts, you may be able to reduce your risk of strains and injuries as well.

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4. Weight Loss Running

women preparing for a run
Choose an app to suit your fitness goal

This app doesn’t leave you guessing as to what its focus is. If you’re looking to lose weight through interval running, this is the app for you. It’s an especially great choice for beginning runners who may need a little guidance getting established with an interval running program and routine.

With this app, you can choose from three different difficulty levels based on your experience. You can also integrate or link your account to other running/fitness apps you may use, such as FitBit or even RunKeeper.

The Final Word on the Best Interval Running Apps

With so many interval training apps to choose from, the one that’s right for you will depend on your unique running goals, experience, and preferences. If you’re new to interval running, you’ll want to choose an app that has plenty of programs available for less experienced runners.

Meanwhile, make sure the app you select has the features you desire — whether it be the ability to integrate your music or link your account to other fitness apps.

Finding the right interval running app may require a little trial and error on your part, but once you have the right app for you, you’ll be able to use all the app’s features to optimize your workouts. From there, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your fitness goals!