What Topics Are Covered in the Best Running Training Books?

Finding the best running training books means looking for the right topics. What topics should you consider?

If you are looking for a way to take your running training to new heights, then you know that you have to take a well-rounded approach. In addition to hitting the pavement and the gym on a regular basis, you also need to think about exactly how you are training. That way, you can get ready for your practices, your races, and drop your times regularly.

I remember when I was looking to improve my running abilities, I would read everything I could. Eventually, I found that there was nothing better than simply reading a book written by someone who had been doing it for longer than I had. With this in mind, we have considered different aspects of running and found the best running training books for each of them.

Improve Your Training Sessions

best running training books
Get some advice on developing a training schedule for your running

Yes, you need to make sure that you go out and run on a regular basis. You should push yourself to run farther, run faster, and run in new environments. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you train intelligently. Some of the questions that you may need to ask yourself about your practices include: 

  • How often do I need to take a day off? 
  • When do I know it is okay to scale up or scale back? 
  • How often should I be running hills? 
  • Does the time of day matter when I am trying to go out for a run? 
  • What is interval training? 

You want to make sure that you get as much benefit out of every mile you run. For example, you may want to check out a book titled The Art of Running Faster by Julian Goater and Don Melvin.

This book, written by a formal professional runner, will help you figure out how to structure your training, how to prepare for races, how to figure out how your body moves, and how to adjust your running tactics. That way, you can get a little bit more out of every training session. 

Explore Data-Driven Running

Today, we have access to more data than we ever have in the past. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is also plenty of data regarding what makes a runner successful. If you are someone who does well with numbers in front of you, then you should try to find a running book that presents you with this information. 

That is exactly where the book titled Daniels’ Running Formula by Jack Daniels can help you. This is arguably the most data-driven running book ever to have been published.

Jack Daniels takes a scientific approach when it comes to training. He takes a look at the current fitness levels of individuals. Then, he defines the exact speed and intensity for individual running workouts. No matter where you are starting when it comes to speed or distance, this book can help you.

Furthermore, if you have found yourself in a rut, this book can help you get out of that rut as well. If you need a scientific formula in order to improve your running, then this book is the answer. 

Learn to Run Farther

There are all types of running competitions out there. Some people sprint. Other people might prefer triathlons. Some people prefer Tough Mudders or Spartan races. If you are someone who is trying to run your first marathon, then you understand that this presents a unique challenge. It takes a lot just to finish a marathon. 

On the other hand, if you want to treat a marathon as a race, things instantly get harder, which is why a book can be helpful. What can you do to shave those crucial minutes off of your marathon? That is where Advanced Marathoning is helpful.

This book is designed for seasoned runners who had already completed multiple marathons. In addition to offering advanced training programs, the book will also provide guidance on a variety of other topics. This includes recovery, hydration, nutrition, peaking, and tapering. In order to take your marathon running to new heights, this book will be helpful. 

Focus on Your Running Form

Man running along a highway
Maintaining good form while running is important

If you want to get as much distance as possible out of every step, then you need to think about your running gait. Even though you probably think about increasing your tempo when you are trying to finish a race, how far should you travel with every step? What can you do to place your knees, feet, ankles, and quadriceps in the best position possible to propel you forward?

Fortunately, there is a book that can help with this as well, titled Running Form.

This book is going to show you why running form matters. It isn’t enough to simply push yourself harder and farther. The proper running form will prevent you from getting hurt. The book will also help you improve your form, allowing you to get the most out of your gait.

This includes strength training, finding the right running shoes, and how you can improve your posture and foot strike. Invest in the appropriate running form with this book. 

The Final Word on the Best Running Training Books

If you want to become the best runner possible, you should treat this as a lifestyle. That means finding the best running training books available. Every book is going to take a slightly different approach when it comes to running.

You should think about your form, your training, your diet, and your recovery. By focusing on each individual aspect of your running ability, you will be able to shave valuable minutes off of your running times and really get the most out of your efforts.