Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners?

You need to have a comfortable pair of running shorts when you go running. With this in mind, why do running shorts have liners?

If you are someone who’s looking for a way to improve your comfort when you run, then you understand that running shorts are incredibly important. A simple Google search will produce a litany of results. I remember when I was first trying to find the perfect pair of running shorts, I kept running into running shorts that have a liner in them.

Eventually, I made the leap and purchased a pair. I could not believe the difference it made in my comfort when I started running. But why do running shorts have liners

Running Shorts With Liners Are Simply Comfortable

To put it simply, running shorts with liners are more comfortable than those that do not have them. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your shorts while you run, or you notice that you have an annoying rash when you finish running, and this could be because you’re running shorts do not have a liner in them. Of course, there are numerous other reasons why you should wear running shorts with liners aswell. 

Exploring the Numerous Benefits of Running Shorts with Liners

woman runner in a green forest
There are many benefits to choosing running shorts with liners

There are numerous other reasons why you should consider wearing running shorts that have liners in them. A few of the key examples include: 

1. Running Shorts with Liners Will Not Ride Up

When you run, you probably hate it when your running shorts ride up. This refers to you’re running shorts gradually climbing up your thighs until you feel like you have a terrible wedgie. Then, you have to break your stride in order to adjust your running shorts back down again. Unfortunately, less than a minute later, you can feel your running shorts making that uncomfortable climb once again.

If this has been a source of frustration for you, then the answer is to invest in running shorts with liners. Because you’re running shorts have a liner in them, they are going to hug your thighs relatively tightly. Therefore, they are not going to be able to ride up.

In addition to instantly making you significantly more comfortable while you run, you also will not have to worry about this embarrassing activity as you wait for that motorist to pass by before you adjust your running shorts once again. 

2. Running Shorts with Liners Have Moisture-Wicking Technology

Have you ever gotten overheated while you run? Or, have you had to deal with something called jock itch? These two issues can be solved with moisture-wicking technology from running shorts with liners. The liner is usually made from moisture-wicking fabric. This is going to help you remain cool and dry as you run. 

With this specially engineered material, moisture will be absorbed off of your thighs directly into the liner. Then, the fabric technology will dry quickly, thanks to its engineering. As a result, this is going to keep you extremely comfortable while you run. It is breathable, dries quickly, and will cool you off.

By keeping your thighs relatively dry, a lot of these frustrations are going to be worries of the past. 

3. Running Shorts with Liners Do Not Chafe

Of course, it is impossible to overlook arguably the biggest benefit of running shorts with liners: they will not chafe. Chafing is like the development of an extreme blister on the inside of your thighs.

If you wear typical running shorts and regular underwear, your underwear is not going to stay in place as you run. It will shift back and forth with each individual stride. The rubbing action this generates on the inside of your thighs will contribute to a rash on your legs

There are numerous concerns that will develop with this chafing. First, if you allow this chafing to continue, it could eventually start to bleed. As the skin continually peels away, you might notice that you have small drops of blood pooling on the inside of your thighs after your run.

Next, you might even notice that your thighs start to sting as you run. This is because of sweat that runs down your thighs is going to get into the open wounds generated by the chafing. The feeling of salt coating your chafing rash can lead to major discomfort.

Finally, this is going to make it hard to take a shower. You may not want to rub the inside of your thighs during your shower because of the pain this creates. Fortunately, running shorts with liners provide an effective option. Now, chafing will be a worry of the past. You don’t have to worry about treating your battle scars after you run. You can eliminate them with running shorts with liners.

4. Running Shorts with Liners Eliminate All Distractions

running can lead to chafing
Remove all unnecessary distractions from your run by choosing the right kit

Finally, if you invest in running shorts with liners, you will eliminate these annoying distractions. You will not have to break your stride to adjust your running shorts. You will not have to worry about passing motorists, trying to find the perfect time to pull your running shorts back down. You do not have to worry about your legs bleeding from the chafing on the inside of your thighs.

Instead, you can simply focus on your stride, your pace, and your workout. For all of these reasons, consider investing in running shorts with liners. 

The Final Word on Why Do Running Shorts Have Liners?

Ultimately, the biggest reason why running shorts have liners is that they are simply more comfortable. If you are looking for a way to eliminate distractions, improve your comfort, and keep yourself cool while you run, then running shorts with liners are the answer.

Think about your exact needs when you are looking for running shorts with liners. When you find the perfect pair, you will realize that they can make a significant amount of difference to your run.