Can You Run In Allbirds?

What are stability running shoes?

Allbirds is a shoe company that’s grown in popularity among the environmentally conscious for their use of renewable materials, but runners want to know, can you run in Allbirds?

You might not want to purchase conventional running shoes and wonder, “can you run in Allbirds?” When it comes to the original Allbirds shoe, the answer is no because the first Allbirds were created more as lifestyle shoes and did not need cushioning and protection runners. However, the company recently released its Tree Dasher series, Allbird’s inaugural performance running shoe.

Let’s learn more about the Tree Dasher.

Why Are Allbirds So Popular?

If you’re running and happen to own a pair of Allbirds or are excited to support an environmentally conscious company, the good news is that you can use Allbirds’ Tree Dasher shoes for running.

AllbirdsAllbirds is one of many new environmentally conscious companies that believe in making sustainable products. It’s a B Corp and tries to use renewable materials in its shoes. They also started a new trend of showing the CO2 cost for their shoes inside the insole.

For example, the Tree Dasher emits nine kg of CO2 per pair; an average pair of shoes emits 12 kg of CO2 per pair. Eventually, the company’s goal is to be carbon neutral, which is another reason they have such a passionate fanbase.

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The Tree Dasher

When it comes to style, the Tree Dasher looks cool enough to wear out to the club.

This light stability, neutral cushioned running shoe feels much like the Hoka Hupana Flow or the Brooks Revel.

Can You Run In Allbirds?
Tree Dasher looks cool enough to wear out to the club


The Tree Dasher benefits those who:

  • Wish to have a pair of comfy shoes for everyday wear.
  • Want compact shoes that easily fit in your bag for vacations.
  • Go on short runs.


The performance of this shoe was astonishing, especially considering this is the company’s first time making running shoes.

It’s a comfortable ride, although not by any means the greatest. However, it’s not the worst out there, either. It’s about in the middle, if not a bit above average.

I can only see runners going three or four miles in this shoe. You might also be wondering can you run in Yeezys.

Outsole Design

The bottom provides a few rubber sections comprised of natural rubber. You get just over 50% coverage, although I can’t speculate on the total thickness due to the design of the midsole.

Some exposed midsole material in the midfoot acts as the outsole, meaning it must be ground contact foam. The midsole uses Sweet Foam, a foam created from sugarcane.

Upper Design

The upper portion is made from one piece using eucalyptus trees. Allbirds use renewable trees for their fibers and knit them to create the upper.

You’ll probably notice varying knit patterns, one around the throat, collar, and another in the toe, where they design it to have a few more holes and better breathability.

The upper is super comfortable. Most Allbirds fans preach about it and how much more comfortable it makes the shoe feel.

Heel Counter Design

The Tree Runner heel has a very soft and light internal heel counter. There’s a wool lining inside the heel counter to lock down the heel and prevent slippage. However, vegans will be disappointed to learn that Tree Dashers are not vegan due to this feature.


Inside, you have a sock liner made using castor beans, another way they manage to be sustainable.

Shoelacing System

The Tree Dasher features Allbird’s classic lacing design using recycled plastic bottles.

They also offer four lace loops sewn directly into the upper, made using bio TPU. This is a bit different than the punched hole in the upper we see in other shoe designs.

The eyelets are connected using embroidery, and there is some concern regarding wear and tear in this area as you can often find a few loose fibers.

Shoe Width

This is a bit of a wider running shoe, so despite its one-piece upper, it will not feel as snug as shoes with a knit upper or locked in.

Sports man tying shoelace while running outdoors
It’s a bit wider running shoe


A men’s size eight Tree Dasher weighs 9.7 oz, which isn’t terrible, but it’s a bit heavier than one would expect for this running shoe.

With so much rubber and foam, it makes sense, but it would have been nice to have a lighter weight, something Allbirds can hopefully achieve with future versions.

Lockdown Factor

Despite its lacing system that goes up to the foot’s top, you can’t get a solid lockdown. It could be because the company is trying too hard to make a broad demographic of runners happy.

That said, it’s a perfectly stable running shoe.

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