Good Savasana Songs for Your Yoga Class Playlist

Good Savasana songs for your yoga class

We’ve gathered some good savasana songs to help you ease people into the calm of this pose.

When we add music to our yoga practice, it can help us get into the flow of things more easily. During early asanas, energetic music can make it easier to get deep into difficult poses. At the end of class when it’s time to cool down, our favorite savasana songs ground us and help us relax.

Create a Spotify playlist to fit the length of this final segment of your yoga class. This allows you to transition smoothly from your last asana and gives you a graceful way to track time without watching the clock. If you love yoga, you might also be interested in our explainer on the spiritual meaning of namaste.

If you are looking for new music options for this calming phase, consider some of the ones below:

1. Aad Guray by Deva Premal

Over 30 years ago, Deva Premal’s music first brought Sanskrit mantras into the mainstream. This is just one of her songs that is ideal for savasana

2. Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne

This folk rock song is an unusual savasana choice, but the lyrics fit the mood of this asana perfectly. The focus on mindfulness and kindness is the perfect parting message for the end of your class.

3. Shanti (Peace Out) by MC Yogi

MC Yogi’s music is the perfect blend of traditional spirituality and modern electronic music. Shanti translates as peace, rest or calm, and this track definitely captures that spirit.

4. Sanctuary by Donna De Lory

The title track from De Lory’s seventh album is among yoga teachers’ favorite savasana songs. Her version of this spiritual combines Eastern instrumentation with electronic beats for a result that is eclectic, soothing and centering.

5. Ave Maria by Beyonce

Who says all yoga music has to be unrecognizable? There’s room for favorite pop songs in your practice, especially when they are as inspiring as this choice. Beyonce’s version of Ave Maria incorporates elements of the classical piece along with empowering lyrics.

6. Across the Universe by Fiona Apple

Apple’s rendition of this Beatles tune is slow and mellow. It’s the perfect choice for final relaxation at the end of a yoga class. Relax and reflect on the vastness of the universe and your place within it.

7. Shrine by Beats Antique

This experimental world fusion and electronic music group has offered up many excellent yoga songs, including many that are perfect savasana choices. While this choice is more energetic than others on the list, the rhythmic beat can still help you relax into savasana’s meditative state.

8. Namaste by Moon Tunes, Yoga Savasana and Savasana

This one is a great choice for people who prefer savasana songs without lyrics. Moon Tunes is one of many independent artists who create ambient music specifically written for yoga and meditation. You can find more work from them and other creators on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes.

9. Enter One by Sol Seppy

The imagery in the lyrics of floating, light and connecting with the divine is perfect for achieving the calm mental state of savasana. Many of singer-songwriter Sol Seppy’s downtempo compositions make great backdrops for yogic meditation.

10. Breathe by Alexi Murdoch

Independent artist Alexi Murdoch has used his independence to create several albums’ worth of soothing, centering music. The aptly named Breathe helps remind you and your students the importance of focusing on the breath and using it to keep you mindful and present.

The Final Word on Good Savasana Songs

The truth is that savasana song choices are highly individual. Pick the ones that fit the vibe of your class. Some people prefer vocals, some would rather use only instrumentals. Some choose just traditional music, others incorporate new pop favorites or classic tunes.

Put together a yoga playlist that is as unique as you are.

FAQ About Good Savasana Songs

How do you find good savasana songs?

Look on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes to check out others’ playlists and suggestions.

Do savasana songs have to be slow?

Not at all. Choose slow and mellow ones for relaxation or upbeat and uplifting ones to leave your class with increased energy.