Should You Take Pre-Workout Before Yoga?

Should you take pre-workout before yoga?

Should you have a pre-workout before yoga? There are benefits to taking this kind of supplement before your yoga practice. Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

People who do intense workouts frequently take a pre-workout supplement, so should you have a pre-workout before yoga? The good news is that it’s not just hardcore runners and bodybuilders who can benefit from pre-workout supplements—taking pre-workout before yoga also has many benefits. 

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Powdered supplements for pre-run smoothies
These supplements have other ingredients that help with focus and energy

Pre-workout supplements are designed to give you increased efficiency and boosted energy. Some pre-workout supplements that work well for yoga practice also help you focus better. 

Some pre-workout supplements work similarly to having a cup of strong coffee. However, these supplements have other ingredients that help with focus and energy. You might be wondering why you experience nausea after yoga.

The Benefits Of Taking A Pre-Workout Supplement Before Yoga

Below, we list several benefits of taking pre-workout supplements before yoga. 

Lean Muscle Mass Increases

Pre-workout supplements can help you increase your muscle mass. You don’t need bulky muscles to reap the benefits of yoga, but having lean muscles can help you maintain your poses better. 

If developing lean muscle mass is your goal, look for high-protein pre-workout supplements. When ingested, proteins break down into amino acids, and your body uses those to create proteins that are specific to increasing lean muscle growth. Having lean muscle mass also aids in speeding up your body’s repair time. 

Energy Boost

Energy boost
Pre-workout supplements can help to increase your energy

Some people think that yoga is an easy workout, but seasoned practitioners know that some kinds of yoga can be just as strenuous as other types of workouts. When you have to maintain difficult positions and poses, it can zap your energy. Pre-workout supplements can help to increase your energy, allowing you to hold those challenging poses for longer. 

Blood Flow Is Enhanced

Many supplements enhance blood flow in the body, and this is a good thing for any type of exercise, particularly yoga. By itself, yoga increases the body’s blood flow, and when you take a supplement, you can reap even more benefits. Increased blood flow helps with overall health improvement, but it also helps your muscles function more effectively and for longer. 

Better Focus

One of the main benefits of yoga is that it helps you learn to focus better. At the same time, it can be challenging to leave the outside world behind and focus during yoga. If you find a pre-workout supplement that offers nootropic abilities, it can enhance your mental state along with your physical health. 

Weight Loss And Fat Burning

While the supplements alone won’t help you lose weight, the benefits that you enjoy from taking supplements can lead to weight loss and fat burning. The reason is that you will have more energy and be able to exercise more effectively and for longer. 

The Drawbacks Of Taking A Pre-Workout Supplement Before Yoga

Should you take pre-workout before yoga?
Consider working on your focus to learn to do it on your own if you’re concerned about this

There aren’t many downsides to taking a pre-workout supplement for yoga, but it’s easy to become dependent on the feeling you get from taking them. You might start to find it harder to concentrate and power through a yoga session without a pre-workout supplement. 

Instead, consider working on your focus to learn to do it on your own if you’re concerned about this. Also, if you don’t find the right pre-workout supplement, you can end up with more sugar than you need. You might also be wondering, can you eat before yoga?

What To Look For In A Pre-Workout Supplement For Yoga

As we’ve already mentioned, not all pre-workout supplements are ideal for yoga. While energy is energy, various brands offer different benefits, and it largely has to do with the ingredients in the supplements. For the best results, consider these things when you’re looking for the best pre-workout supplements for yoga. 

  • No (or minimal) creatine: Creatine promotes water retention in your muscle groups. While this helps with fullness and performance, it will also have an effect on getting trim and lean. If you can find a pre-workout supplement without creatine, this is ideal. 
  • Low calories: Most pre-workout yoga supplements are low in calories, but be sure to read the labels. 
  • Naturally flavored: You definitely want to avoid pre-workout supplements that are loaded with sugar, and you may also choose to skip artificial sweeteners. While naturally flavored supplements are out there, they may not taste as good as those that come sweetened. 
  • Skip the testosterone boosters: Keep in mind that many pre-workout supplements are designed for men. For women, it’s a good idea to avoid supplements that boost testosterone.