Why Do Yoga Pants Keep Sliding Down? Top 2 Reasons

Why do yoga pants keep sliding down?

Nothing is more annoying than yoga pants falling down; why do yoga pants keep sliding down? This is because the elastic wore out, or they’re the wrong size.

One of the most annoying things in the world has to be when you’re in the middle of a fitness class, and your yoga pants start falling down. Every time it happens, you have to stop what you’re doing, adjust your pants back to where they’re supposed to be, and try to get back into position before anyone notices. If your yoga pants are falling down like this, they may be the wrong size, or the seam has worn out. 

1. Your Pants Are The Wrong Size

Why do yoga pants keep sliding down?
Yoga pants are typically made of material that can stretch both lengthwise and widthwise

The most common reason why yoga pants keep falling down is that they are sized incorrectly. While it’s obvious to most people why pants that are too large will fall down, it’s also likely that they will fall if they are too small. So, it’s time to go shopping for a new pair. You might be interested in our yoga flow ideas.

Pants that are too large in the waist will have too much fabric to retain their shape, causing them to slip down around the hips. With yoga pants, it is often impossible to get them to stay even if someone tucks in the seams in order to bring in the waist; the odds are good that the pants will still slip.

This is because yoga pants are typically made of material that can stretch both lengthwise and widthwise. This allows the pants to adjust as a person moves and stretches while doing yoga. This also means that if the pants are too large at any point where the pants are supposed to touch the body, there can be issues.

Specifically, this means that even if the pants fit correctly around the waist, they might fall down if the pants are too large in the hips or thighs. This is because some parts of the pants will stretch while others will retain their shape. This will cause the entire pair of pants to slip and move.

Similarly, pants that are too small in a particular area will also fall down. This is because the fabric will have to overstretch. In the short term, the overstretched fabric will not return to its original shape as quickly, causing pants to fall down as a person moves. Over an extended period, this will cause the elastic to wear out faster, causing the pants to fall even if the wearer isn’t moving.

2. The Elastic Has Worn Out

The elastic has worn out
Elastic threads are woven into the fabric, allowing the pants to stretch in many different directions

Elastic in yoga pants can wear out for many different reasons, but once a pair of pants has lost its elasticity, they will no longer retain their shape. In these cases, some people may be able to wear them at home, but they are rarely suitable for wearing in public.

Elastic in yoga pants isn’t just a piece of tape sewn into the waistband. Elastic threads are woven into the fabric, allowing the pants to stretch in many different directions. Elastic can be a delicate material; heat will cause the fibers in the elastic to loosen. Repeated exposure to heat from the clothes dryer is the most likely culprit if you’ve noticed your pants are wearing out too fast.

Even with proper care, however, elastic will eventually wear out. This process tends to happen faster with pants that use less elastic. These tend to be cheaper brands of pants. If you liked this post, you might also like our round-up of the best yoga outfit ideas.

FAQs About Why Do Yoga Pants Keep Sliding Down

How can I extend the life of my yoga pants?

Only wash your pants when necessary, and then use cold water whenever possible. After washing, hang the pants to dry rather than tossing them in the dryer.

Do more expensive pants have more elastic?

Typically this is the case since elastic is one of the most expensive parts of the fabric that makes yoga pants. Be a careful shopper, however, as many brands will advertise themselves as high quality when they’re really not.

Can I do anything to prevent slippage once I start to notice it?

Unfortunately, very little can be done if the pants are losing their elasticity or are sized incorrectly. If you try to put a stitch in the waistband, they’re still not going to fit or feel as good as they did new.