8 Best Yoga Ball Storage Ideas For A Tidy Home Gym

Yoga ball storage ideas

A big and bulky exercise ball can be a pain if you let it roll all over the place. Here are the best yoga ball storage ideas to spruce up your exercise space with a clean and tidy look.

The point of yoga is to relax, but it’s hard to relax if your space is cluttered. 

Depending on the size of the yoga ball, you will have plenty of ways to keep it in place. Hide it in the closet, rest it on a bungee cord, stuff it into a net in the ceiling corner, or simply rest it on a small rack.

I’ll share the best yoga ball storage ideas for a tidy, curated living space.

1. Rest It On A Round Yoga Ball Rack

Best yoga ball storage ideas: Rest it on a round yoga ball rack
Racking a yoga ball is one of my favorite ways to store it as it’s easy to install and doesn’t eat up much space on my floor plan

Think of a basketball rack without the net. You can easily buy it in various sizes and colors. Once you’ve brought it home, mount it to a corner of your gym room or bedroom and put your ball on top.

Make sure the rack is big enough so the ball won’t fall over and small enough to keep the ball from falling through. Racking a yoga ball is one of my favorite ways to store it as it’s easy to install and doesn’t eat up much space on my floor plan.

2. A DIY Rack Mounted To A Panel

I got this idea from a Youtube channel by Breona Queen. All you need to do is screw some holes on a piece of the wooden panel (it can be of any flat material and not too heavy), collect two big hooks (preferable long and flat), and screw them into the holes somewhere at the bottom of the panel to put your ball on top.

You can experiment with different shapes and sizes depending on your ball’s size. When everything is set, mount the panel on top of the wall, hop your ball on top, and you’re good to go.

3. DIY Vertical Storage

This is a great DIY idea to store all your balls in place without messing with the wall. It works just fine for those who own multiple balls of various sizes at home.

Look around and see if there are any pallets, cabinets, or unused shelves in your garage. Flip it sideways and strap some heavy-duty cords on both ends of the empty storage to prevent the balls from falling out. Alternatively, you can also replace the strings with a mesh mounted to the storage edges.

4. Hammock Your Yoga Ball

It can be a fish net or an unused jumbo toy hammock that’s large enough to hold the ball. Hang the two ends of the hammock on wall hooks or nails in a corner.

5. Take Advantage Of A Stuffed Animal Holder

Got a stuffed animal holder you want to send to the dump? Well, it’s time to repurpose it and give it a new life.

One thing to keep in mind: some stuffed animal holders can be bulky, so make sure you have one in a vertical square so it won’t take up much of your floor space.

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6. Let It Sit On A Balance Ball Chair

Call it what you want – a rack, a ring, or even a chair; these can be purchased on Amazon in various shapes and sizes. You can opt for an inflatable ring without the legs or a backless balance chair with three or more legs underneath to support the weight.

Some items have extended legs for sales separately. This item is made to sit on the floor and cannot be mounted on the wall. So as long as you don’t struggle with a limited floor plan, this ball chair will turn your room into a conversation starter.


7. Repurpose A Bungee Cord

What if I tell you that you only need a bungee cord to keep the yoga ball in place? 

Well, we all know that yoga balls can’t be that heavy. So all you need to find is a bungee cord of the right length to take advantage of your wall corner for extra storage. I prefer a cord with hooks on the two ends so you can attach them to the screws or nails you’ve already mounted on the wall.

The bungee cord can be replaced with a plain string or a rope but make sure it’s sturdy and heavy enough so the ball won’t end up swinging or falling through to the ground. Before mounting the nails into the wall, do your homework and make sure the square area between the wall corner and the cord is big enough to accommodate the ball.

8. Go For A Mesh Bag 

This premium mesh bag by Champion Sports Store comes with an adjustable drawstring closure and a lock that fits any yoga ball of any size. It’s lightweight and made of breathable fabric that dries quickly as well as easy to fold and pack.

The best thing about a mesh bag is its versatility. You can hang it over a corner of your room with the yoga ball inside or change it up with other sports equipment like swimming and snorkeling gear or even beach toys.

If you get it on Amazon, you can choose from nine different colors. Even if you’re not going to use it to store your yoga ball anymore, it can still hold small household objects in your garage.

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