From Socks to Pants: Essential Yoga Clothing For Men

Are you looking for the best yoga clothing for men?

There seem to be limitless women’s options when shopping for yoga clothes, whether online at Amazon or a brick and mortar shop that carries popular brands like Adidas, Lululemon, prAna, and Manduka. But what about men who do yoga? Should you wear short sleeve t-shirts, basketball shorts, or sweats? 

We share everything you need to know about activewear and yoga clothing for men. Whether you’re taking your first yoga class or you want to break out your own yoga mat at home, there are plenty of options for you.

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What Do Men Wear for Yoga?

Yoga clothing for men
You need clothing that will adapt to your body as you move

One question that might be on your mind is whether or not you need to wear clothes that are specifically designed for yoga. While yoga is more about the techniques than the clothing, having the right clothes can help make your practice a little easier.

Buying yoga gear as a man shouldn’t feel intimidating or confusing. You’re essentially shopping for typical workout clothes, except you want to find items that have increased flexibility.

Yoga requires more stretching and fluid motions than other forms of exercise, so you need clothing that will adapt to your body as you move while also keeping you cool and comfortable.

When choosing the right clothes for your yoga practice, it’s essential to consider the material. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to do dhanurasana in materials that don’t breathe or are too tight. You need fabrics that allow air to flow, so you don’t overheat or wind up drenched in sweat

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The Best Yoga Clothing for Men

The best yoga clothing for men
Comfortable pants and shorts to tops and headbands

To help you with your search for men’s yoga clothes, we’re sharing our top picks. We have everything from comfortable pants and shorts to tops and headbands.

Brokig Men’s Zip Jogger Pants

Key Features:

  • Double seamed waistband
  • Drawstring closure and adjustable waist
  • Pocket

Brokig Men’s Zip Jogger Pants are an excellent choice for a men’s yoga pant. They’re the perfect balance between slim fit and relaxed, so you can get the support you need without feeling claustrophobic. They’re also tapered at the leg so they won’t slide up and down your leg as you transition from pose to pose.

The ankle zippers provide even more security, and the double-seamed waistband will resist sliding and stretching. The only problem we found is that these pants shrank slightly after the first wash, so getting a size up would be best when ordering.

  • Comfortable and easy to move in
  • Medium weight for all seasons
  • Flexible fabric
  • They shrink slightly after the first wash

Avacostume Men’s Lightweight Men’s Yoga Pant

Key Features:

  • Soft elastic waistband
  • Ninety-five percent and five percent spandex blend
  • Lightweight and easy to move in

Some men prefer looser fitting pants when practicing yoga, and these Avacostume Men’s Lightweight Yoga Pants are the best ones we’ve found. The pants are made of soft modal cotton, blended with spandex, which gives it a lightweight feel that is perfect for stretching and movement.

Depending on your height, they may be a little long, but this isn’t very important when you notice how comfortable you feel. These pants are so soft it will feel like you’re wearing a second skin! These are a must-have for any male yogi.

  • Breezy, soft material
  • Loose-fitting
  • Elastic waistband and ankles
  • Long inseam
  • Doesn’t provide any support

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Men’s 7″ Workout Gym Shorts

Key Features:

  • Deep pockets with zipper closure
  • Fray resistant drawstring
  • High-impact flatlock stitching
  • Modern, athletic fit

Yoga shorts have quickly become the go-to for many male yogis because they aren’t restrictive and allow for easy movement. It was hard to pick a favorite with so many options to choose from, but these Anthem Athletics Hyperflex shorts outperform the competition.

They’re made of soft stretch-resistant fabric that helps you stay cool and dry during your workout. One of our favorite features is the deep pockets with zipper closure. These will keep your phone or keys secure while you’re moving around. 

  • Pockets with zippers
  • Super stretchy poly-spandex blend
  • Secure waistband that won’t budg
  • More relaxed fit, so they might move up your leg as you move

Neleus Men’s Workout Tank Top

Key Features:

  • 100 percent polyester mesh fabric
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Racerback design allows for more movement

You can’t go wrong with a slim fit tank top for yoga, and the Neleus Men’s Workout Tank Top is one of the best activewear options out there. It’s made of 100 percent dri-fit polyester so you can stay cool and moisture-free during your routine. 

For the fabric’s quality, the price is incredibly affordable, and each order comes with three tank tops. If you’re looking for something with a snugger fit, then this might not be the best choice. We found that these are looser than some male yogis prefer.

  • 100 percent polyester
  • Dri-fit, moisture-wicking fabric
  • A lot of color options
  • Loose fit

Poshei Mens Headband

Key Features:

  • Stretchy material that won’t slip
  • Moves moisture away from skin
  • Quick-drying

Yoga is relaxing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get sweaty, especially with hot yoga, which is why a good sweat absorbing headband is a must-have.

These Poshei Men’s Headbands are our favorite because they’re stretchy enough to fit anyone and snug enough not to move while you’re practicing. The headbands absorb sweat and keep it away from your eyes, and can easily be wrung out if they get too saturated.

One order comes with four headbands so you can switch out colors and wash them, which is recommended because they can lose some of their elasticity and shape over time.

  • Stretchy material that won’t slip
  • Moves moisture away from the skin
  • Quick-drying
  • The headband may lose shape after time

Zengjo Quick-Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • A good amount of stretch
  • Well ventilated fabric
  • Fitted style
  • Quick-dry and sweat-wicking

The Zengjo Quick-Dry Athletic Shirt is the perfect basic addition to your yoga wardrobe. The best part is that it’s a lot more affordable than shirts of similar quality.

When it comes to the downsides, there aren’t many, but we will say this shirt probably isn’t the best option for guys over six feet tall.

It is also a slim fit style, but we found that it fits looser, although we didn’t have trouble putting a hoodie over it. Besides these points, it’s a worthwhile investment for any man interested in yoga.

  • Suitable for multiple sports, including yoga
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Multiple colors
  • 4-needle flatlock seams
  • Not the best option for men taller than 6”
  • Fits a little looser than advertised

DEVOPS Men’s Athletic Leggings with Pocket

Key Features:

  • Designed for all seasons
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Side pocket
  • Made of non-abrasive spandex

When it comes to yoga, flexibility in clothing is critical. It doesn’t get much more flexible than a quality pair of athletic leggings, and these DEVOPS tights fit the bill.

They are made of comfortable, breathable anti-bacterial fabric that is great at wicking sweat. The waistband sits where a man needs it to without movement, and the ankles are tapered to stay in place.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when ordering, though. These do run a little small, so we recommend ordering a size up. They’re also not the best for compression, so if you need compression in addition to flexibility, the DEVOPS men’s athletic leggings aren’t your best bet. 

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • UV protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Not the best yoga pants for compression
  • Sizes run a little small

Muezna Men’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Key Features:

  • Anti-skid frictions on the bottom
  • Made of combed cotton
  • 100% silica grips

Most men do yoga barefoot, but that comes with its own set of problems. From potential slips and falls to hygiene, barefoot yoga might not be best, especially if you’re taking a class. That’s why a reliable pair of non-slip yoga socks is something every guy should have. 

These Muezna Men’s Yoga Socks are our favorite because they come with non-slip grips on the bottom, making it easier to transition and hold poses without slipping. The socks are good for on or off a yoga mat.

The one downside is the limited range of sizes. They can fit men with shoe sizes between 5 and 10, so a larger man wouldn’t benefit from these.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Medium thickness for all seasons
  • Well-ventilated fabric
  • Suitable for yoga mats
  • Only fits men’s size 5-10
  • Can slide off the feet after a lot of movement

Final Word on Yoga Buying the Best Yoga Clothing for Men

Having the right clothing that will work fluidly with your body instead of inhibiting it during your yoga practice is the first step to having a successful routine. Now that you know the best options for your workout gear, it’s time to start building your wardrobe today!