6 Meditation Pillows For Your Daily Practice

Meditation is a valuable tool for keeping the mind and body balanced. Daily practice can improve health conditions, increase happiness and self-awareness, better your sleep, and strengthen your heart and immune system function.

Nevertheless sitting still for long periods and attempting to quiet your mind can be very challenging. Using a meditation pillow to align your body can make it a lot easier. 

There are many different types of meditation pillows that provide various benefits, so it can be tough to decide which cushion will work best for you. We reviewed our top six favorite meditation cushions to help you choose the one that will provide you the comfort and stability you need to make meditation a daily practice. 

Why You Should Use a Meditation Pillow

Meditation pillows
Sitting on a hard floor for long periods can wreak havoc on your spine and your focus

Yoga practitioners know the importance of aligning your breath with your movements and relaxing and aligning your spine. The same is true for meditation.

Yoga’s original purpose was actually to prepare the body for the stillness required to meditate. But sitting on a hard floor for long periods can wreak havoc on your spine and your focus. 

Better Posture

Proper meditation posture requires you to sit tall and comfortably maintain the natural curve of the spine. This position requires mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles, and many people don’t have the mobility necessary to prevent putting stress on the spine.

The result can be slouching, aches, and pinching, which can break your focus and mess with your alignment. 

Meditation cushions lift your hips to a more comfortable height and allow them to roll forward slightly. The knees will sit below the hips, which balances your posture.

This position supports the spine’s natural curve, and when the spine is aligned properly, the rest of the body naturally follows suit. 

Alleviate Back Tension and Improve Breathing

Using a meditation pillow can help alleviate lower back tension and create a better path for your breathing. Aligning the body, eliminating discomfort and pain, and breathing smoothly, is essential for truly slowing down and creating a mindful meditation practice. 

Most meditation pillows are also multi-purpose and can be used as yoga pillows or props. Many come with carry handles so you can take them with you to yoga classes, vacations, work, or anywhere else you can think of. 

Meditation cushions, especially ones that fit your aesthetic, can also create a visual reminder in your space or living room to take time to meditate. Simply seeing your dedicated meditation pillow can encourage a more consistent practice. 

How to Choose a Meditation Pillow

The traditional style of meditation pillows is the zafu, which is a round cushion, but there are now a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from to suit your needs. 

Sitting Position

Start with considering what position you prefer to meditate in. Do you prefer to sit in the lotus position, kneel, or lie down?

Meditation cushions come in various heights and shapes, and the position you like to meditate in will help you decide what type of cushion will work best for you. 

For instance, if you prefer to sit in the lotus position, the traditional round zafu meditation cushion will allow your knees to extend off the edge of the cushion. This position may be very comfortable for you. 

However, for others who may have less mobility in the hips and knees, a rectangular cushion that supports the thighs may be a better option.

A zabuton meditation cushion can be placed beneath your meditation cushion for those who still need some added comfort for the ankles and knees. Zabuton meditation mats can sometimes also be used as yoga mats


You should also consider the materials that the meditation pillow is made from. Typical fillings are kapok, cotton, wool, organic buckwheat hulls, and polyester. The more traditional fillings, which are still loved today, are buckwheat hulls and kapok. 

Kapok provides a nice, firm seat but can sometimes clump together. Buckwheat meditation cushions are widely used and offer a nice and heavy cushion that contours to your meditation position.

Wool, polyester, and cotton are very lightweight and comfortable seats, but for meditators who prefer a thicker and firmer seat, these materials may be too soft. 

Easy to Clean

When searching, keep an eye out for pillows that can be cleaned easily and any additional features, like carry handles, that would make your meditation experience that much better. 

Best Meditation Pillows of 2020

Here are our top six picks based on comfort, durability, design, portability, and style to help you decide on the best meditation cushions for your needs.

1. Florensi Meditation Cushion

The Florensi Meditation Cushion is a sizable, traditional zafu cushion with a beautiful mandala lotus flower featured on the top. The design represents unity, compassion, connection, and growth.

The high-quality soft velvet cover is removable and machine-washable, and the cushion features a 100% buckwheat hull filling that can be added or removed to adjust the height and firmness. 

This zen meditation cushion is 16 inches around and sits 5 inches high. It won’t flatten over time, and is comfortable and supportive. The cushion’s interior features a comfy one-inch foam layer for additional comfort during long meditation sessions.


  • 16” diameter and 5” height
  • 1” foam layer for comfort
  • 100% buckwheat filling
  • Velvet mandala flower fabric cover
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Multi-purpose use
Florensi Meditation Cushion - Comfortable Floor Pillow - Traditional Tibetan Meditation Pillow with Beautiful Velvet Cover - Large Floor Cushion Seating for Adults - Premium Yoga Buckwheat Bolster
  • Meditation Cushion: Create a restorative space with these floor cushions for adults. Designed specifically for meditation and yoga, use this thick floor cushion as a prop for specific yoga poses, to ease you into meditation or as a seat for working at a low table.
  • Sustainable Filling: Our meditation pillow comes filled with 100% buckwheat hulls to connect you to nature and then covered with foam padding for an extra soft seat. Choose your own comfort by changing out the filling for a different eco-friendly alternative.
  • Posture Support: Designed to place you in a natural seated position, our yoga meditation cushion relieves stress on joints, eases lower back pain, and promotes circulation. Our floor seating encourages proper posture when doing yoga poses or meditating.
  • Lovely Decor Piece: Made from soft velvet with a lovely mandala pattern, this yoga pillow fits with many decorative styles and doubles as an accent piece for your home or yoga studio. Move this floor cushion to your yoga class or Zen Garden with the discreet handle.
  • Our Promise To You: At Florensi, we feel passionate about the health benefits of yoga and meditation. With each of our products, we strive to promote your physical and mental well-being as well as to connect you with nature. Please contact us if you have any trouble with our meditation pillow as we would be pleased to make it right.

2. Waterglider International Zafu Meditation Pillow

The Waterglider International Zafu Meditation Pillow is made with a commitment to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices. The buckwheat is grown and farmed in the USA, and refugee employees assemble all the cushions.

These pillows are in the traditional zafu shape and are 14 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. The cover is made out of durable cotton and is available in six beautiful colors.

All cushions are overstuffed to allow you to find the perfect level. There’s a zipper on the side for easy access to remove or add buckwheat hulls and a handle for convenient portability. 


  • 14” diameter and 6” height
  • USA-grown buckwheat hulls 
  • Six vibrant color options
  • Carry handle for convenience
  • Overstuffed for customizing level
  • Washable cotton cover 
Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Hull Fill, Certified Cotton
  • Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation levels
  • Traditional round shape
  • Fill removable for washing
  • Filled with eco-friendly USA grown buckwheat husks
  • 14" diameter by 6" tall

3. Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure

The Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure features lotus flower acupressure points to trigger deeper meditation and better relaxation and circulation. The cushion is reversible with a traditional Japanese Zen style meditation cushion on the backside. 

This buckwheat hull cushion is 13 inches in diameter, 5.5 inches high, adjustable, and made with machine-washable materials.

As a bonus, there’s a grab-and-go handle for portability and a 100% guarantee, and they include a 7-step Meditation Guide with each pillow. 


  • 13” diameter and 5.5” height
  • Lotus flower acupressure points
  • Reversible
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Free 7-step Meditation Guide 

4. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

The Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow features a modern, oval design and a removable, washable stretch-knit cover embroidered with calming waves. This cushion weighs only four pounds and is large and comfortable with a natural buckwheat fill. 

The sturdy carry handle makes it easy to bring your cushion to your yoga class, or anywhere else you like to meditate.

It’s easy to replace or remove the buckwheat hulls from the GOTS certified organic cotton liner to adjust the firmness and height. As a bonus, this meditation pillow is made in the USA. 


  • 18” by 13” diameter and 6” height
  • Oval design
  • Organic cotton liner and buckwheat hulls
  • Carry handle for portability
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine-washable stretch-knit cover 
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Zafu Oval Floor Pillow, Made in California
  • Great for meditators and yogis of all skill levels and styles, or simply sitting and relaxing
  • Meditation pillow with modern, round design with removable outer cover for easy washing
  • A GOTS Certified organic cotton inner liner holds the buckwheat pillow fill, making it easy to remove and replace to customize the firmness and height for a fresh resting place
  • Sturdy carry handle for easy transport from your home to yoga class
  • Natural buckwheat fill makes it heavier and supportive Weight: 4 lbs Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 6". Made in USA

5. Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support

The Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support is crafted with mixed density layers of recycled foam and has a concentrated core for lasting structure. The vegan eco suede cover is removable for easy cleaning and comes in three crystal-inspired colors: rose quartz, celestine blue, and sapphire. 

This pillow is lightweight and easy to take anywhere using the gold embossed carry handle or the matching protective cotton bag. You can also feel good knowing that every purchase from this company plants a tree and creates jobs for local villagers. 


  • 25.6” by 10.2” and 5.9” height
  • Recycled foam with a concentrated core
  • Embossed carry handle
  • Washable vegan eco suede cover
  • Crystal-inspired colors
  • Matching protective cotton bag 

#6 Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion 

The Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion comes in different shapes and a wide variety of colors. It’s backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee and limited 1-year warranty.

The buckwheat hulls in this yoga meditation cushion provide the perfect balance of pliability and firmness and are sealed in an inner pouch for protection. 

The full-zippered outer cotton cover is easy to remove and wash, and there’s a grab-and-go handle attached for portability. 


  • 11” diameter and 7” height
  • Buckwheat hull filling
  • Full-zip feature for removing the cover
  • Machine-washable cotton cover
  • Grab-and-go carry handle
  • Available in different shapes 
Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion
  • Package Includes: 1 - Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster Pillow Cushion
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED & EXTREMELY VERSATILE: Great for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike, yoga poses, meditation, decorating your couch or bed, relaxing in your home, or even as a sleep aid for spine, neck, and limb support. Features soft grab-and-go handle for easy carrying to yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, parks, different rooms, and more.
  • PROPER SPINE SUPPORT: Eases getting up from hard floors, relieves stress on joints and properly supports your spine during yoga poses, when exercising, meditating, sitting in a chair, or relaxing. Helps to reduce the risk of numb limbs when meditating for moderate to long periods of time. This multipurpose cushion can also double as a yoga block when stretching or posing.
  • ALL NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT: Filled with buckwheat hulls that provide the right balance of firmness and pliability. Buckwheat hulls give you comfortable support for a number of meditation and yoga positions. Zipper access gives you the ability to customize your cushion’s buckwheat hull filling to your desired comfort level. Outer cotton pillow case can be machine washed with cold water to reduce the risk of shrinking or spot cleaned with a damp towel.
  • TOP CUSTOMER CARE: Your Peace Yoga Pillow is backed by our exceptional Customer Service Team and comes standard with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and a Limited 1-Year Warranty. For best results, do not soak or wet buckwheat hulls as this may cause mold or mildew growth. Leave exposed buckwheat in direct sunlight to clean.

Final Thoughts on Meditation Pillows

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful way to maintain your mind and body connection, but building a daily meditation practice can be tough on your body.

A meditation pillow helps to keep your body properly aligned and comfortable during your meditation, so you can focus on your thoughts and intentions. Choosing the right meditation pillow is a personal choice depending on your preferred filling, portability, and style.

There are many options available on the market, but we hope our guide helped narrow down your search for the best meditation pillows to fit your needs and style. 

Learn more in our guide on the relationship between mindfulness and yoga.

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