10 Fabulous Yoga Decor Ideas

Yoga room decor ideas

These yoga decor ideas can help transform any space into a sanctuary that reflects your personality, making for the perfect place to practice your poses.

If you’re a regular practitioner of yoga, then it’s a great idea to consider setting up a dedicated space for your practice. Yoga is inherently concerned with finding inner peace, awareness, and stability, so it makes sense to practice in a room or area you love and feel comfortable in.

This doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking. The key things are to reduce clutter and limit distractions.

There’s no set rule when it comes to how this looks: for me, it could be lots of pastel colors and plants; for you, it could be earth tones and rows of pen-and-ink drawings. The very best yoga decor ideas should reflect your personality and the unique approach you bring to your practice.

1. Promote Peace With Lighting

Fabulous Yoga Decor Ideas

The right lighting can transform a room: and figuring out a lighting plan is easier than you think! If the space benefits from natural lighting – great! But there are plenty of other ways to infuse the room with some bright energy if not.

Choose soft white bulbs to avoid light that is not too harsh, and consider adding a large mirror or two to the walls to make the most of any natural light that does enter the room. Adding dimmer switches to existing light fixtures to create a peaceful ambiance. String lights come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are an inexpensive and effective way to inject some gentle sparkle into your yoga decor.

2. Create A Natural Sanctuary

One of the most popular yoga decor ideas is that of a natural sanctuary. Think about painting walls in tones such as moss green, wheat, and dove grey, with some brighter accents of blue and orange if this suits your aesthetic.

To help promote mindfulness and help you fully focus on your asanas, you could consider incorporating a small indoor water feature into the space. Science has demonstrated that seeing or hearing water actually triggers the release of chemicals in the body that increase blood flow to the brain and heart, which brings about a feeling of relaxation.

3. Find The Perfect Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to a yoga room and can help uplift your mood and enhance your practice. The Peace Lily is a great choice for your space: this plant will thrive in rooms with or without windows and has large, waxy leaves and beautiful white flowers.

Rosemary, with its aromatic, soothing scent, is also the perfect plant for your yoga space, as is the Boston Fern, which is easy to care for and known for its air-purifying properties. For more ideas, check out our list of plants to grow in your yoga studio

4. Make It Minimalist 

Minimalism is one of the classic yoga decor ideas that takes de-cluttering to the next level! For those who appreciate yoga’s ability to clear the mind and help us mentally recalibrate, creating a minimalist space in which to practice is essential.

Achieving a minimalist look is all about simplicity and the use of natural colors and materials. Storage is vital in maintaining the uncluttered nature of your sanctuary. Think about deploying built-in solutions, if possible, or use screens, blinds, or curtains creatively to hide storage units or cupboards from sight.

5. Fabulous Flooring

Need some more yoga decor ideas? No problem! If you have a spare room or a studio you’d like to turn into a yoga room but are on a tight budget, then concentrating on the flooring could be an affordable way to create a cozy, comfortable, and serene space that beautifully reflects your personality.

Look for a large rug that features your favorite color or pattern, or opt for a few smaller rugs in complementary or gorgeously clashing shades. Add some bright, plush cushions to the edges of the room, as well as a throw or two, for a wonderfully welcoming yoga studio.

Bringing the lighting down to floor level can also recreate the serene feel of early dawn or dusk. Do this by placing several lamps on the floor to add filtered, warm light tones to the room at any time of the day or night.

6. Wall Hangings For Focus

Adding some sumptuous heavy drapes or pretty wall hangings to your yoga room brings two important benefits. Firstly, they add soft texture and aesthetic appeal and inject some added personality into the space. Secondly, the material will help to muffle sounds, so you can better concentrate on your asanas rather than being distracted by the sound of the kids running riot downstairs.

Tapestries work really well, too: choose either a contemporary or traditional design to help promote peace.

7. Add Some Artwork

Whether you opt for posters featuring motivational messages or some thought-provoking surrealist prints, adding artwork that you love or find inspiring is a great addition to your yoga decor. If your space is windowless, consider choosing an extra-large painting or photographic image of the natural world to give the impression of an airy space and add some calm vibes.

8. Use Feng Shui

Feng shui is a wonderful practice to use alongside yoga, as the former, like the latter, involves finding and maintaining balance and harmony. Feng shui aims to enhance the energy that connects all living things in a space, and you can use it to plan the design of your yoga room.

To this end, the best place for your yoga mat is in the commanding position. This position is usually located at the furthest corner from the door, with a clear view of the entry – ideally, a solid wall should be behind this position rather than a window.

You could also consider incorporating the five elements of feng shui into your yoga space. These elements are wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. 

For fire, think candles, soft lighting, triangular shapes, or notes of red. For the latter, opt for terracotta pottery, crystals, square shapes, or neutral tones. 

9. Incorporate Chakras

Chakras and yoga are often intrinsically linked, with certain poses believed to activate or cleanse certain chakras.

If chakra work is an important element of your practice, then why not incorporate them into the decor of your space? You can be as subtle or bold with this as you like; enjoy getting creative and thinking about ways to weave chakras in your room’s design. How about using the seven chakra colors in the decor or placing crystals that relate to each chakra point in bowls around the room? The ideas are endless. 

10. Sensory Serenity

Incorporating treats for the other senses into your yoga room is another means of helping you feel relaxed and focused as you work your way through a sequence of asanas. To do this, why not add some beautiful scents in the form of a diffuser, scented candles, or essential oils?

Wind chimes also can add to the sense of the room’s tranquility, and a breeze from an open window can add a magical element to your post-practice meditation. Check out our yoga studio design ideas for more inspiration.