The Comprehensive Yoga Mat Holder Buying Guide

A quality yoga mat holder is essential for anyone who enjoys yoga outside of their home. In addition to attending classes, a mat holder lets you bring your essential yoga equipment when you travel or any time you’ll be away from where you normally practice.

In order to ensure your yoga practice goes as planned when you are carrying your mat with you in a yoga mat sling, it’s important to carry the right holder. You’ll want a holder you can afford that’s also good quality, but it’s also important to choose one that’s right for your body and for your mat.

Choosing a mat bag is as personal a decision as choosing the yoga mat itself. This is different than just your run-of-the-mill gym bag. You might want something that can contain all of your yoga essentials or just a basic mat holder to carry your bag.

Points to Consider


The first thing you should do is come up with a budget for your yoga mat holder purchase. Yoga mat bags come in all price ranges, but the most expensive isn’t always the best option.

Likewise, the cheapest option doesn’t always mean you are getting a sub-par product.

The best thing to do is set a price range. Know the highest amount you can afford to spend to carry your yoga accessories, and then shop for bags within that price range. You’re sure to find something suitable regardless of how little or how much you are willing to spend.


Next, you’ll want to think about the size. Many yoga mat holders are nothing more than straps that allow you to wrap your mat and carry it over your shoulder.

This is an affordable, no-frills option that is great for many people, but you still need to consider the size of your mat. Make sure the straps fit around your mat’s thickness and that it holds it firmly in place.

If you prefer something more accommodating like a mat holder that also offers space for your yoga gear, you have plenty of options, but again, it’s important to consider space.

Think about what items you need to carry with you for yoga, like towels, bricks, clothing, and more. Also consider whether you’ll be traveling with the bag and if you’d like for it to meet specifications for carry-on luggage.

The bottom line is you need a bag big enough for all of your yoga gear, but not too big that you’re lugging around more than you need.

When it comes to securing your yoga mat, the size of the strap and/or bag is important. Thicker mats can get wieldy, so you’ll want a large strap that fits around the mat as securely as possible.

The last thing you want is to have your mat unroll when you’re trying to remain hands-free or you’re carrying other items and can’t be fending off an unrolling mat.

Material and Durability

One of the most important considerations for a yoga mat holder is what materials are used to make the product. You want something that’s strong and sturdy and durable.

There are plenty of great options that are affordable and that will last for many years. Also consider whether you want a holder that is waterproof and whether or not it should have safety features if you’ll be walking outside at night.


Like many of the other aspects of investing in yoga accessories, you’ll want to consider a few things when it comes to brands.

There are plenty of great brands that make yoga mat holders. Some people have a personal preference. They might have used a brand of yoga mats or clothing before and they know it’s reliable.

Other people ask around for information about brands when they are newer to buying yoga equipment.

While the brand of the yoga mat holder you buy isn’t the most important factor, it can be an indication of how much you’ll pay and what level of quality you’ll get. However, don’t assume that lesser-known brands don’t offer great products.


It’s easier than it’s ever been to find out what people think about the products they buy. You can speak to people in your yoga class about their preferred products, or you can just hop online and see what people have to say about a particular product.

Reading the reviews of a yoga mat holder before making your purchase is one of the smartest things you can do.

Keep in mind you might not agree with everyone about a particular carrier. What you want to get from reviews is a sense of how most people feel about a product. Look for patterns regarding what people have to say about the product.

Did several users report the straps breaking after a few uses? Did most people say it was comfortable to carry with a particular yoga strap?

One or two negative reviews doesn’t tell you much, but when you notice a similar pattern of complaints, you can assume you’re getting reliable information about a product.

Special Features

Your yoga mat is all you really need to practice

You can get yoga mat holders that are nothing more than an adjustable strap that wraps around your mat and loops over your arm. Or you can get carriers with all of the bells, whistles, special compartments, carrying cases, and just about anything else you might need for your yoga gear. It really is a matter of personal preference.

At the very least, you’ll want a durable yoga mat strap that’s large enough for a standard-sized yoga mat. It should have an adjustable shoulder strap and adjustable loops to fit any size mat.

Some people choose to upgrade to a yoga gym bag that has room for your mat, water bottle, yoga towel, bricks, and a zipper pocket for your keys and other small items.


Finally, your decision comes down to style. Yoga bags come in a wide range of styles. Not only should you think about the look of the carrier, it’s also a good idea to consider what’s going to make the most sense from a practical standpoint for style.

Some people prefer an over-the-shoulder style with one adjustable strap, while others prefer more of a backpack style. The style of your yoga mat carrier comes down to personal preference.

Three of Our Favourite Options

1. prAna Tantra Mat Holder

One-size-fits-all strap for your yoga mat that’s made with 100% recycled fibers. It’s adjustable, features Velcro straps, and is wide enough to accommodate most yoga mat sizes.

2. Manduka Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier

This Velcro-less mat carrier features a gravity cinch closer. It’s made from soft, durable cotton and webbing and is very easy to carry. It has a hands-free feature and fits all size yoga mats.

3. GAIAM Three-In-One Yoga Strap Sling

This GAIAM carrier has a stretchy cord that functions in three ways:

The Final Word on Choosing a Yoga Mat Holder

If you are simply looking for a means to transport your yoga mat there are many affordable options available. Several of them double up as straps and chords to aid your yoga practice.

Similarly if you need to transport additional equipment or accessories there are multiple options.

Think about what you need. We hope that our favourites strike a chord with you!