Can You Run In Converse? Important FAQs

Can you run in Converse?

Can you run in Converse? Technically, you can run in any type of shoe. The question is, do you want to? 

Some people might be reluctant to purchase running shoes, especially if they own Converse. So, you might be wondering can you run in Converse. You can run short distances on flat terrain in Converse, but they’re not the best running shoes.

The first time I saw someone at the gym wearing Converse, I confess that my eyebrows may have raised just a little bit. As I looked down at my expensive training shoes and wondered, “with all of the amazing athletic shoe technology and innovations, why would someone wear Converse?” The fact that the guy wearing the Converse was much more fit than I was (or will ever be) didn’t escape me, either.

As it turns out, the dude at the gym may have been onto something when it comes to working out in Converse.

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Converse May Be Good For Some Workouts, But Not Running

Can you run in Converse?
Converse and other flat-footed shoes also help you to push through the heel

A podiatrist named Monari Dini says that some weightlifting exercises benefit from flat shoes such as Converse. The reason is that flat surfaces mimic the act of being shoe-less or barefoot. This forces you to use your entire foot to remain planted and grip the ground.

Converse and other flat-footed shoes also help you to push through the heel. This is an essential movement for weightlifting. When lifting heavy weights, you should choose to wear flat shoes, but for lighter weights, it’s not that crucial.

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When Are Converse Suitable For Running?

If you want to wear Converse to run, you can. However, Converse are only good for running if the distances are two miles or less on flat terrain. If you don’t have the correct running shoes, you can wear Converse if you’re in a bind. 

Keep in mind that Converse aren’t designed to provide the arch support necessary for regular running. To run, you need a cross trainer that offers good arch support.

They also lack shock absorption and breathability. If you have better athletic shoes, it’s best to use them.

Some all-star athletes have worn Converse, but the question is how much better they would have performed if they wore better shoes. For example, Wilt Chamberlain’s famous 100-point game was played in Converse. Some podiatrists are amazed that athletes like Chamberlain could wear Converse for an entire season in the NBA without having a major foot problem or injury. 

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FAQs About Can You Run In Converse

Are Converse Good For Feet?

Most podiatrists agree that Converse shoes lack the important aspect of the shank. The shank is the supportive structure that’s in place between the toe and the heel. Shoes with a more rigid shank are less likely to cause foot pain.

Many notable podiatrists, including the spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dr. Leslie Campbell, consider Converse to be little better than a sock because they don’t have stability and support. Moreover, they lack shock absorption. 

Can I Do Cardio In Converse?

You can do cardio in Converse if you’re not running long distances or putting a lot of stress on your feet. The problem is that Converse aren’t well-equipped to give you the support you need for intensive exercise.

One thing you can do if you have to wear Converse is to add a custom insole or orthotic. Otherwise, Converse aren’t a good choice for everyday use by active people. 

Is It Okay To Run In Flat Shoes?

You can run in flat shoes if you’re running for less than two miles. You need athletic shoes with good arches, breathability, and shock absorption for any longer distances. Ideally, you need an athletic shoe that’s designed specifically for running. 

How Did Converse Become Popular With Athletes?

Chuck Taylor was a salesman who also happened to be an athlete himself. Under the guise of teaching basketball clinics, Taylor peddled the now-famous Converse shoes so much that Converse ended up naming the shoes after him. 

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