Yoga Core Exercises – 7 Yoga Poses That Strengthen Your Core in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Some people think that crunches and sit-ups are the only way to get a flat, toned stomach, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Those who are unfamiliar with all of the benefits of yoga might think that it’s primarily a way to meditate or improve flexibility, but there are a lot of reasons why yoga is one of the most effective ways to tone your entire body – including your core.
To get a strong core, you must focus not only on your abdomen, but on the neighboring muscles as well. This gets you faster, better results, and is one of the best examples of why yoga is the way to go. Yoga core exercises are ideal for tightening and toning your tummy, hips, and back, while also improving your balance and concentration, making your overall yoga skills even better.
Most people assume that the core includes only the muscles in the stomach, but there are a lot of other muscle groups involved, too. Unlike sit-ups and crunches, yoga core exercises work all eight muscle groups that make up and support the core, including the pelvic floor muscles, obliques, glutes, back, and diaphragm.
Ready to get started? Here are seven yoga core exercises that you can use to tone your core in just 10 minutes a day.

Gentle Morning Yoga Sequence – 30 Minute At-Home Yoga

As any yoga teacher, whether you spend most of your day sitting behind a desk or chasing the kids around the house, a morning yoga session is a great start to the day. It gets your heart pumping and helps clear your mind so you can focus on the day that lies ahead. You don’t need to attend a morning yoga class, you can get all of the benefits at home. All you need is 30-minutes and a gentle morning yoga sequence to get off on the right foot.

15 Yoga Asanas for Flat Stomach – Poses You Must Try

There is a lot of hype about yoga but honestly, it’s well deserved. Yoga has many benefits for the mind and body, and if you choose the right power yoga poses, you can get a power workout that rivals those you get at the gym.
Yoga is an ideal workout for many reasons, and it has benefits for both men and women. In fact, the very first practitioners of yoga were exclusively men. Depending on the poses you incorporate into your routine, yoga can help you stretch, meditate, tone, and yes, even eliminate stubborn belly fat. That’s not all, when you take the time to work on your core muscles, it improves blood circulation to the abdominal organs, improving digestion and keeping bloating under control.

What Are Yoga Blocks For? Different Blocks and Benefits

Yoga blocks are beneficial to anyone’s yoga practice, but they’re especially useful for beginners or people with an injury or disability that requires a little more support to maintain proper alignment when getting into various poses.
A lot of people might feel that they’re too old to get started in yoga, that they’re not flexible enough to be able to do the poses. The truth is that it’s never too late to start doing yoga. There are so many health benefits that starting yoga at any age is worth it.
It’s important to remember that yoga is not a competitive sport. The only person you’re up against is yourself. You have to get in the right frame of mind to get started and to keep going, improving your flexibility and strength as you learn.
If you’re a beginner yogi, a yoga brick or block is an excellent way to get the support you need to increase your confidence and motivate yourself to keep going.