Do Tights Make You Run Faster?

Do tights make you run faster?

Do tights make you run faster? While running tights won’t make you run faster, they do provide other benefits, such as protection, warmth, and wind resistance.

Running tights aren’t just a fad for some. Yes, there are some people that just want to look good while running. On the other hand, serious runners want to increase performance and endurance. Therefore, they wear running tights. Here are some of the benefits of running tights and one supposed benefit that’s not actually true.

Benefits of Running Tights

Running tights provide several key benefits for runners. These benefits relate to performance and protection.

Running tights provide:

  • Skin Protection
  • Aerodynamics
  • Warmth

Skin Protection

Avid runners know that skin protection is a must, whether it’s from irritation from the elements or from clothing itself. For example, running tights hug your body. Therefore, they won’t flap around like baggier clothing. Baggy clothing can chafe and irritate the skin, whereas running tights don’t.


Also, running tights are designed to protect you from the elements. In colder weather, they keep you warm by keeping the cold air out. In the heat, they keep you cool by wicking sweat away from your skin. Faithful runners run in all kinds of weather and need to protect themselves from the elements.


Finally, running tights are designed for improved aerodynamics. Wind drag can slow you down. Since tights hug your body’s contours, they create less wind drag.

This can mean the difference between first or second. If you’re running for exercise, this can mean increased performance.

The Added Benefits of Compression Tights

Do tights make you run faster?
Compression tights provide warmth, this can be soothing on your knees

On top of the already mentioned benefits, wearing compression tights instead of regular tights provides further benefits.

Compression tights add:

  • Improved circulation
  • Extra support
  • Removal of metabolic waste from muscles

Improved Circulation

Compression tights are designed to put more pressure on outer limbs. For example, there will be more compression material around your ankles than further up your legs. This forces blood back up your legs towards your heart. This improves circulation, which aids in quicker recovery time.

Removal of Metabolic Waste

With increased blood flow, metabolic waste, like lactic acid, will be removed more quickly from your muscles. The build-up of lactic acid causes the burning feeling in your legs, known as runner’s leg. Removing metabolic waste decreases muscle fatigue and inflammation.

Extra Support

Because compression tights are designed to increase blood flow, this provides added support for weaker areas, such as the knees. Also, since compression tights provide warmth, this can be soothing on your knees.

Final Word on Running Tights

Do running tights make you run faster?

No. Studies have shown that running tights doesn’t help with speed. On the other hand, they do improve performance and endurance. They do this through protection from the elements, keeping you warm, and aerodynamics.

Finally, compression tights provide you with even more benefits than other running tights by increasing blood flow. This decreases recovery time.

Therefore, wearing running tights is worth the struggle of putting them on.

FAQs About Do Tights Make You Run Faster

Do running tights make you run faster?

Running tights don’t make you faster, but they do increase your endurance.

Does wearing compression tights help me recover faster after a run?

Yes, compression tights increase blood circulation and better removal of metabolic waste. This helps muscles recover faster.

Which is better, regular running tights or compression tights?

It depends on whether you want the added benefits compression tights provide. Also, it depends on why you run.