Are Running Gloves Warm?

Are running gloves warm?

A look at running that answers the question: Are running gloves warm?

Running gloves are a type of workout wear designed for joggers who prefer to run outdoors. The right pair of running gloves will keep your hands and fingers warm while also drawing away moisture if you sweat while running or working out. They’ll also dry faster than normal gloves. If you’ve ever dreaded a run because of cold hands it’s time to invest in a pair of these gloves!

Running gloves are made from materials that won’t chafe or rub against the skin and are more comfortable than standard gloves. They’re designed to stretch in multiple directions, allowing runners to exercise without being restrained by workout gear. Higher-end running gloves also feature moisture-wicking fabrics and special surfaces on the palms of the gloves that serve a variety of purposes.  

Different types of running gloves fit different purposes.  Some gloves are designed to aid with gripping and are ideal for people who lift weights or enjoy hiking outdoors.  Many pairs have coatings or other materials on the fingers that allow users to use touch screen devices. The latter is more expensive.

What to Look for in a Pair of Running Gloves

You’ll typically find the best deals on running gloves at the beginning of spring.  If you miss the end of the season sales, however, look for deals around the holidays, particularly on Black Friday.  Throughout the winter, there may be sales on running gloves as well. Before buying your next pair, consider these factors:

Are running gloves warm?
Standard running gloves are designed to keep hands warm in temperatures of about 20 degrees and higher

Stretch: Gloves that stretch and have wrist openings won’t chafe.

Breathability: Running gloves should wick away moisture from your hands.  

Grip: If you run with weights, seek gloves with a specialized coating to help you hold on.

Price: It’s common to lose running gloves or worse yet, lose one of them. So consider how much you want to spend.

Material: Warmer gloves are constructed from warmer materials like fleece. But these are uncomfortable for running long distances with.

Warmth: Standard running gloves are designed to keep hands warm in temperatures of about 20 degrees and higher. If you’re spending time in colder weather, dress appropriately.