How Are Running Shorts Measured?

Learn here how are running shorts measured.

Being physically active and developing healthy habits is very important. Some great forms of exercise that can encourage a healthier lifestyle are yoga, focusing on mental wellness, and running.  If you are new to running, you will need to have the right apparel and equipment, which includes having a quality set of running shorts.

When you are looking to purchase a set of running shorts, you will find there are various measurements. The two most important are inseam and waist measurement. Inseam is the measurement from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. The waist measurement is the diameter of the waistband and is often reported in terms of size, such as medium or large. 

Inseam Measurement

One of the most important measurements to understand is the inseam measurement. The inseam is the part of the fabric that starts at the crotch and runs down the inside of the leg. The inseam typically runs from two inches to up to eight inches or longer. You can get this measurement by taking a pair of shorts and measuring from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg. This typically ranges from two to eight inches. 

Waist Measurement

How are running shorts measured?
It is important to understand what these sizes correlate to in terms of measurement

Another important measurement is the waist measurement. The waist measurement is similar to the measurement when you are purchasing any set of jeans or other pants. As running shorts are often sold based on size, such as medium or large, it is important to understand what these sizes correlate to in terms of measurement. Laying shorts flat and measuring the length of the waistband will give you approximately half of the overall waist measurement. 

Comfort When Wearing

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you are comfortable when wearing running shorts. While they need to be tight enough to ensure they do not slip when running, they need to be comfortable and loose enough to ensure they do not hinder your movements or cause chafing. Due to this, trying a pair out before purchasing too many to ensure it is a good fit is important for any runner. 

Final Word on How Running Shorts Are Measured

Having a quality set of running shorts is important for anyone. When you have quality running shorts that fit well, they will be more comfortable and can provide added protection. Running shorts today are measured and sizes based on the inseam and waist measurement. You should be able to obtain this information through any product description or product tag when looking for a new pair of shorts. 

FAQ About How Are Running Shorts Measured

Where Can I Find Measurements?

Knowing the measurements of running shorts is important. If you are shopping online, the measurements should be visible in the advertisement and description of the product. If purchasing clothing in person, the measurements should be listed on the tags.

What Short Measurements are Right for Me?

The proper measurements are based on your comfort and running style. The waist measurement should be loose enough where you are comfortable but also tight enough to where you are not worried about the shorts slipping. Drawstrings can provide additional support. The inseam will depend on your preferences. Shorter inseams will reduce resistance and irritation, but some may prefer to have longer shorts with more leg coverage.

What Features Should I Look for in Shorts?

When buying running shorts, there are other features to consider beyond the measurements. These include having pockets, zippers, drawstrings, or additional liners. These features can help provide you with convenience and additional protections.