Should You Wear Underwear With Running Tights?

Should you wear underwear with running tights?

This guide will answer the question should you wear underwear with running tights?

Compression pants and running tights are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to keep things in place while you’re running. They’re also great because they’re comfortable to move in and they’re stylish. However, they can be a little too revealing when worn alone, especially for certain designs. 

It doesn’t matter if your running tights are black, white, purple or pink, some brands leave little to the imagination when you’re stretching and squatting for warm-ups. That’s why many runners insist on wearing underwear beneath their running tights. Runners also wear underwear under tights for warmth during cold weather.

However, some believe that it’s much more comfortable to wear running tights on their own without underwear, as this prevents chafing and sweat lines when running for long distances. 

Why It’s Better to Wear Running Tights With No Underwear 

Should you wear underwear with running tights?
Sizing of tights is super important when deciding on whether you need running underwear or not

Because some running tights are made without a liner, deciding how to wear them can be quite a dilemma. Do you wear them alone or with underwear? The truth is, if you have seamless, moisture-wicking and-chafe free-running tights, then you should be able to wear them on their own.

Lightweight, thin and stretchy material is what you’re looking for here, as well as proper sizing for long-lasting comfort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about underwear riding up your legs as is often the case with boxer shorts and regular trunks. That said, here’s what we recommend if you prefer running with underwear and tights.

Wearing Your Tights With Underwear 

Many runners feel that not wearing underwear under their running tights is unhygienic and uncomfortable. Besides, if your running tights or shorts don’t have liners inside them, then you’ll probably need to wear them with underwear, especially in the winter. 

Some runners prefer to wear Brazilian trunks with their tights because they’re able to keep everything in place while you’re running. You’ll also feel less restricted when wearing these. Or you can wear a pair of running shorts over them.

What to Look For in Running Underwear

Is it really necessary to go commando when wearing running tights? It all depends on your personal preference.

Sizing of tights is super important when deciding on whether you need running underwear or not. Consider your body shape and type and which brands fit you better. In the end, you’ll probably end up playing around with different types to find ones that you enjoy running in while avoiding chafing and other side effects. Balance factors like hygiene, comfort while running, and warmth too. 

On the other hand, if you’re concerned about how you look running with tights, either pick sports underwear made from breathable fabric or wear running shorts over your tights. Most of your fellow runners are more concerned with their times than what you’re wearing anyhow!