Why Are Yoga Clothes So Expensive?

Are you wondering why are yoga clothes so expensive? Take a look at how yoga clothes are made and sold to learn more about the pricing behind yoga clothes!

Are you looking for a way to stay in shape and work on your mental health simultaneously? If so, you have probably gotten interested in yoga. Yoga is a great way to work on strength and flexibility while also melting your stress away as you focus on wellness.

Unfortunately, yoga can be expensive. In addition to taking a yoga class with the right instructor and getting the right yoga mats, you also have to purchase the right clothing. I remember the first time I had to buy yoga pants and leggings, I was shocked by the price tag! Why are yoga clothes so expensive? Learn more about “athleisure” below!

What Are Yoga Pants Made Out Of?

Why are yoga clothes so expensive?
Many types of athletic clothes are also made with a peaching finish which gives the materials its soft feel

In addition to paying for the materials themselves, you are also paying for the research and development that goes into every pair of yoga pants. Engineers spend years working with a variety of fabrics to find the right mix of comfort, durability, and moisture-wicking technology.

Have you ever wondered how you manage to stay dry even as you work hard during the yoga class? That is the moisture-wicking technology at work. It takes research to develop this technology.

Some yoga pants are made out of a polyester-nylon blend, which gives yoga pants breathability. Many yoga leggings are also made with an anti-microbial finish. This prevents mold and mildew from growing on the yoga pants, keeping that musty smell away.

Many types of athletic clothes are also made with a peaching finish. This is responsible for giving the materials its soft feel. That is why your yoga pants feel softer than a bedsheet!

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What Is Peaching?

Peaching breaks down the fibers on the surface of yoga clothes. Using an abrasive roller, the fibers on the surface are separated. This makes yoga clothes incredibly soft; however, when they stretch, there are fewer fibers to conceal the skin beneath the surface. This is also why some yoga clothes are see-through.

In some cases, peaching is completed using chemicals instead of an abrasive roller. These chemicals soften yoga clothes in the same way a dryer sheet softens your laundry after you are finished washing your undies and t-shirt.

Are Expensive Yoga Pants Worth the Price Tag?

You might be shocked by the amount of money some people are willing to pay for their yoga clothes, even in an expensive place such as New York! For the most part, expensive yoga pants will fit better than cheap ones. The difference comes from the power research and development labs at major brands have, such as Luon, which is made by Lululemon.

They have the resources to test a variety of fabrics, learning how they interact with the body of the user as they go through different movements. For example, the fabric has to stretch significantly when you perform a deep lunge. Will the fabric stretch with you during this pose, providing comfort without tearing?

There are other design benefits to note. For example, expensive yoga pants probably will not have outseams. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about seams digging into your skin when you lay on your side during a yoga class.

Finally, the waistband and yoke on the back will also be designed better. If these are tailored properly, the leggings will stay in place and sculpt your figure during intense yoga movements.

Does the Fabric Material Impact the Fit?

Ultimately, the quality of the material is responsible for its fit. Cheaper fabrics simply do not hold their shape as well as expensive ones. This means that if you purchase cheap leggings that haven’t been engineered properly, the fabric might not mold your body as you go through yoga poses.

You might be uncomfortable or unduly restricted during your yoga lesson. Furthermore, the fabric may sag after you have stretched it too far, creating an unflattering look.

With expensive fabric, the fabric should bend with your knee. When you straighten your knee again, the fabric should recoil properly with your body. Proper yoga fabric should help your body retain its shape as you go through various poses.

The softer finish of nicer yoga fabrics also adds to the psychological comfort yoga clothes provide. Finally, high-quality yoga fabric should last for years, standing up to the stress of repeated yoga classes and wash cycles.

Final Word on Why Are Yoga Clothes So Expensive?

High-quality, comfy, breathable yoga clothes can be expensive; however, yoga activewear does not have to break the bank! Whether you are looking for Nike spandex, Athleta spandex, or Barre workout clothes, there are ways to save money on high-end Lycra yoga clothes.

Not everyone has to look like Megan Markle! You don’t have to splurge on tank tops from Under Armour! Keep this in mind the next time you walk into a Lululemon Athletica!

FAQs About Why Are Yoga Clothes So Expensive

Are expensive yoga pants worth it?

Purchasing expensive sportswear with sweat-wicking technology can be helpful, even for a new yogi; however, there is no need to break the bank on your workout pants. Expensive fabric is usually more durable and can conform better to the shape of the body. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit.

Should yoga pants be tight or loose?

Your yoga pants should fit snug around your hips and waist. If your yoga pants are tight in these areas of the body, that is a good sign; however, your joints should still have your normal range of motion. If your flexibility is restricted, then your yoga pants are too tight.

Is there a difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Yoga pants are a subtype of leggings. Not all leggings are meant for yoga, as some are not meant for athletics at all; however, some yoga pants are leggings that are suitable for athletic activity.