5 Best Yoga Newsletter Software Options For Yoga Studios

5 best yoga newsletter software options for yoga studios

There’s a lot to keep in mind when setting up a yoga studio, so what is the best yoga newsletter software? In this article, we review some of our favorites

In any type of business, an email newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients. Besides being able to announce sales and promotions, you can also let your subscribers know about new services and upcoming events. While there are plenty of newsletter software options on the market, we’ve narrowed the list down to the best ones, including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, and Aweber.

The most valuable thing about an email subscriber list is that it’s not dependent on the whims of Google or social media. Your email subscriber list directly connects you to your most valued customers and subscribers. Let’s dive in!

1. Mailchimp

As one of the industry leaders in email newsletter software, Mailchimp is a familiar name. For many newsletter publishers, Mailchimp is the first software they try because it’s easy to use, well-known, and affordable. You might also like our round-up of the best yoga logo ideas to make your studio stand out.

Mailchimp has a generous free tier that allows you up to 2,000 subscribers. The company has an extensive template library and newsletter creation is super simple, with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. Mailchimp integrates with more than 300 other services and apps and customer segments are built into the program. It’s also easy to view the demographics of your audience.

However, Mailchimp charges for the number of signups rather than email addresses. If a subscriber signs up for two lead magnets, you’ll be charged twice. The tagging feature in Mailchimp is also less intuitive and powerful than other software options.

2. Klaviyo

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line email newsletter software, Klaviyo is one of the best. Of course, the price for the bigger plans reflects that, but Klaviyo is not just a newsletter tool. You can do email blasts, but you can also do transactional emails. The tool is especially well-suited for sending shopping cart abandonment emails and browse abandonment emails.

Best Yoga Newsletter Software
Klaviyo helps you send either SMS messages or emails

Klaviyo’s onboarding is excellent, and you can set things up with the help of an onboarding specialist. Plus, the templates are incredibly intuitive and easy to use, thanks to helpful tutorials. The key to Klaviyo is in “flows,” which help you send either SMS messages or emails.

However, it’s more expensive than some competitors with limited help after onboarding. While text message capabilities are built-in, the SMS onboarding process is much shorter than the email subscriber list onboarding.

3. ConvertKit

To increase sales and conversions, ConvertKit is an excellent option. Like many other email newsletter software providers, ConvertKit offers a free tier, so it’s practically risk-free. You might also find our guide on planning your yoga studio business model helpful.

ConvertKit is great for people who like a minimalist look and feel as it’s simple to use. You can segment your audience based on their unique behaviors, then provide relevant content and highly personalized emails. However, their templates are not as slick as some competitors and the free tier isn’t as generous as some other software options.

4. Aweber

If a strong automation focus is important to you, Aweber is an excellent option. The tool was built with busy entrepreneurs in mind, so if you struggle with finding the time for your mailing list, Aweber deserves a solid look. It’s great if you have an Etsy store, as they’re already integrated, so your customers can signup for your newsletter via the store.

The reports are easy to understand and you can utilize A/B testing to determine what works best for your customers. The mobile app allows you to monitor analytics and subscribers on the go and it can connect with hundreds of integrations.

It is slightly more expensive than others. The free plan only works for up to 500 subscribers, and you can only send 3,000 emails monthly. If you have 500 subscribers, that’s six email campaigns. The landing page builder also doesn’t offer GDPR compliance if you add a cookie tracker or Facebook pixel.

5. Substack

Substack has been getting a lot of buzz in the last few years because you can have paid subscribers. Unlike some of the others on this list, the pricing is based on what you earn, so it’s more accessible for smaller studios. These tips for owning a yoga studio that succeeds might help you on your journey.

Pais subscriber
Substack allows you to deliver high-end and exclusive content to paid subscribers

Substack allows you to deliver high-end and exclusive content to paid subscribers without any tech skills. You can also offer a mixture of premium and free content. It can easily be connected to your bank account, it’s super easy to import existing content and contacts, and using an RSS feed, you can import WordPress content.

However, Substack gets a 10% cut of what you earn, so you pay more the bigger your newsletter gets. Plus, the email analytics, list segmentation, and A/B testing aren’t robust with Substack compared to some competitors.

FAQs About The Best Yoga Newsletter Software

What is the best software to create a newsletter?

To find the best software for your yoga studio email newsletter, identify what you’d like to accomplish with your newsletter. Find a software company that can help you reach that goal.
– Do you want more conversions?
– Are you hoping for product sales?
– Do you want people to sign up for classes?
– Are you building a subscriber list?
Also, when choosing email marketing software for a yoga studio, keep it simple. Countless tools have robust features. However, many of these software suites can be overwhelming. Consider going with an email newsletter software that does nothing but email.

How do I create an email newsletter?

If you’d like to start an email newsletter, gather ideas as you work every day, and note those you’d like to share with your clients. Turn your notes into an engaging list in your own voice, not the voice you think a yoga studio owner should have.

Jump right into the content and avoid introductory sentences. Write about the things that interest you, even if other yoga studio owners write about the same topics. Ensure you set your mailing to be automated.

What is the best free program to create a newsletter?

Many email newsletter software providers offer a free tier, and MailChimp’s free option is one of the most generous. Best of all, even at the free tier, you can use MailChimp’s extensive template library and most of the tools.