What Are 2-in-1 Running Shorts? How To Wear Them

What are 2-in-1 running shorts?

Exercise attire comes in many options, but what are 2-in-1 running shorts and how should you wear them?

Running doesn’t require much expensive gear or clothing beyond trainers, a t-shirt and running proper running shorts. These days, many sports good companies like Nike create dedicated 2-in-1 running shorts for athletes and hobbyists. But what are they?

2-in-1 running shorts are a hybrid of compression shorts and running shorts. Rather than a traditional liner, compression shorts are sewn into the running shorts. They allow you to run with the benefits of compression, ensure you’re properly attired and prevent chaffing. They also dry faster than normal shorts.

Do Running Shorts Matter?

What are 2-in-1 running shorts?
The best shorts are lightweight and designed to lift moisture as you sweat

The more fabric comprising running, the more weight, resistance, and potential chafing. A few ounces do not seem like much when you put it on, but a leg is raised hundreds, if not thousands, of times in one long-distance run. If your shorts are bulk that’ll lead to friction and chaffing. If you don’t have active wear, you might be wondering can you run in jeans.

Generally, the best shorts are lightweight and designed to lift moisture as you sweat. They also reduce the friction from sweat and repetitive movements, and they have internal liners that reduce the need for a full layer of underwear while running. You might also be wondering should you wear underwear with running tights.

Sweats/Leggings vs. Shorts When Running

Wearing full-length pants versus shorts will impact the run in a couple of ways. First, the weight and resistance will be increased for the duration of the run, as we mentioned. Also, your internal temperature will be higher. For select short-term reasons, this may be a goal. The increased temperature leads to more sweating, which can lead to an increase in water weight. Essentially, this is only dehydrating the body.

Sweating in heavy clothing in lower temperatures comes with its own issues. Once the workout is over, the sweat accumulated will immediately begin to cool. If running in the cold ends when not near a place to change, the running attire may be so damp that it provides no protection from the cold weather.

Lowering water weight isn’t reducing the fat content of the body, and the increased feelings of heat are not a sign of burning calories. In fact, extra fabric results in the body using less energy to create heat, which can be the opposite of the goal. Studies have shown that working out in lower temperatures with less clothing can result in more calories burned in the form of energy used to keep the body warm.

How To Wear 2-In-1 Running Shorts

A standard pair of Nike 2-In-1 Running shorts

It surprises many new runners to learn you don’t need to wear traditional underwear while wearing two-in-run running shorts. Running shorts come with a lining. So, simply put them on and start training. They are designed to absorb moisture and reduce chaffing.

That said, if you dislike the lining, some runners cut it out and run with shorts and normal sports underwear.

Rather than shorts with a liner, compression shorts are common among runners. Compression shorts solve the primary problem of keeping things in the proper place during the run, but also accomplish more. They are more comfortable than underwear or liners, improve blood flow, and don’t impede muscle use. These have become such a favorite that they are often being included as a replacement for liners in running shorts.

FAQs About What Are 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Why Is Any Lining Necessary?

Hygiene is one issue. The human’s most sensitive parts are under the shorts, and the constant friction caused by running can be rough on those areas. Lining helps keep things from becoming unhygienic or raw.

Do 2-in-1 Running Shorts Prevent Chafing?

Compression shorts keep everything where they are supposed to be and keep any friction from the shorts from directly impacting the skin.

Are Shorter or Longer Shorts Better?

While it can be tempting to go with some longer shorts for modesty purposes, less fabric being worn is better for the body.