8 Best Yoga Tattoo Ideas

Yoga Tattoo Ideas

Are you wondering what are the best yoga tattoo ideas to embrace the meaning of your hobby? These 8 best yoga tattoo ideas will have you inspired.

Yoga is a healthy habit to be proud of. So what’s a better way than having a meaningful tattoo inked on your favorite body part?

I’ve noticed that a lot of yogis from my class have tattoos. It can be as simple as an Ohm symbol or as detailed and exquisite as the Hamsa hand. Meanwhile, some of them behold a profound meaning that links the benefit of yoga to the cycle of the moon or the sun salutation. 

Here are my eight favorite yoga tattoo ideas to keep you inspired. You might also enjoy our list of the best yoga tattoo ideas.

1. The Ohm Symbol

Yoga Tattoo Ideas: The Ohm Symbol
The symbol is also referred to as a mantra which unifies all words and sounds in the human language

Simple, meaningful, and artistic, Ohm is the best yoga tattoo idea for those who want to embrace the precious moment and divinity of their life. In the Hindu tradition, Ohm carries a simple sound yet with a complex meaning. It’s believed to be the creation of the entire universe, from where your chakras are born and re-energized.

Other than that, the symbol is also referred to as a mantra which unifies all words and sounds in the human language. 

You can have this symbol inked on your ankle, on top of your spine, or near the wrist. The Ohm design doesn’t bear an extravagant look, but it still has a profound meaning that can beckon attention and turn your habit into a conversation starter.

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2. A Simple Lotus Flower

Representing purity, faithfulness, and spiritual awakening, the lotus is one of the most appealing flower designs. Lotus can be found everywhere in Asia, especially the Southeast Asian countries where muddy ponds, canals, and lakes are commonly found.

The concept of peace and divinity is a running theme in Hindu, Buddhist, and Egyptian cultures. It rises from the dark and muddy environment yet still nourishes in all positive ways with bright, amusing colors and alluring power.

The most common color to have a lotus inked on your skin is black. However, you change things up by using a white lotus representing purity, a pink lotus representing originality, a red lotus representing the heart, or a blue one representing common sense and wisdom.

3. An Intricate Lotus

Yoga Tattoo Ideas: An Intricate Lotus
The intricate lotus tattoo even beholds a deeper meaning that ties yoga’s benefit with the lotus’s growth

If you’re looking for a more complex design that sparkles attention, think of an intricate lotus flower design. When the tattoo artist completes it with their clever, detailed dot work and shading, you will end up with a powerful yet elegant yoga tattoo that lasts with time.

For yogis, the intricate lotus also represents Padmasana which is known as the lotus pose. Just like the child’s and butterfly pose, Padmasana is one of the most basic poses in yoga as you sit cross-legged, loosen up the hip, and stay grounded for minutes.

The intricate lotus tattoo even beholds a deeper meaning that ties yoga’s benefit with the lotus’s growth. When the lotus blooms, it grows from the mud pond and gradually reaches towards the sky above the surface to find the light. That is exactly how yoga enlightens your mind and body as it brings clarity to the body and soul.

4. Cycle Of The Moon

Before stepping into the yoga world, I had absolutely no clue how the cycle of the moon is spiritually linked to the time I spend on the yoga mat. This yoga tattoo is much favored by female yogis.

The moon cycle passing through different phases represents your menstrual cycle – an outward flow of energy. The menstrual blood line lining the uterus is released so the cycle of fertility can begin again. 

For that reason, female yogis can choose to salute the moon. The cycle of the moon also delivers a sense of calmness and a grounded approach.

5. Salute The Sun

The sun represents God’s grace and power in many cultures. And in the world of yoga, it is believed to be the gift sent from the Sun to mankind to wake up intelligence and consciousness.

The Sun Salutation sequence is one of the most common practices for yoga beginners. There are a total of 12 poses starting and ending with the same Prayer Pose to complete one cycle of the sun.

This practice is commonly found in many ashtanga-derived classes, linking breath to movement and waking up the body.

6. Upward Dog Pose Tattoo

You can give this tattoo a simple cobra position with one line or game it up with a finished posing human. If you’re living with a pet, save a small space on your skin to place a cartoon image right next to your pose.

The idea behind this tattoo is easily representable and understandable. It is also a great way to pay homage to a beloved furry friend.

7. Linework Hamsa Hand Tattoo

Expect to spend hours at the tattoo shop if you opt for this hamsa design. The intricate, complex, yet elegant and powerful image of this Hamsa hand tattoo utilizes cool geometric linework for internal line patterns.

Alternatively, you can have it done in a traditional way by staying aligned with the original henna-style principles of flowing tattoo paint.

In yoga, the hamsa, or swan, represents the life force or divine spirit that is summoned by the breath. If you want to give it an extra touch, combine a hidden rose behind the hamsa hand or fill it up with a tribal hatchwork.

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8. Cute Yoga Avocado Tattoo

For a cute, fun tattoo, consider a yoga avocado tattoo. You can depict it as a fruit personified to be in a meditating mode or give it some legs crossed out towards the groin in a butterfly position.

After all, nutrition-wise, avocado is one of the best fruits to stock up on your empty stomach before a yoga class begins. It’s rich in minerals, including potassium and magnesium, to help your muscles function properly.